Compiled by Les Olszewski and Wilhelm Ratuszynski.


   Left: No. 302 squadron's badge. Courtesy of K. Tyszka.

KIA killed in actin / KAS killed in active service / POW prisoner of war / SOC aircraft struck off charge (written off)


 17 Aug Hurricane I P3927 (WX-E) P/O Glowczynski. Crashed with engine fire during training flight. Pilot crash badly  burned.  He returned to operations in April 1941. SOC

 21 Aug Hurricane I P3934 (WX-T) P/O Chalupa. Patrol. Crashed on edge of airfield with seized engine. SOC

 15 Sep Hurricane I P2954 (WX-E) F/Lt Chlopik KIA  Patrol. Baled out over North Weald in combat. Landed dead.

 18 Sep Hurricane I P3086 (WX-Z) Sgt Paterek. Patrol. Hit by debris from Ju88 engaged over Chelmsford, crashlanded at  Danbury, pilot safe.

 15 Oct Hurricane I P2752 (WX-R) Sgt Wedzik. Patrol.Abandoned after combat with Bf09 over Kent. Pilot safe.

 16 Oct Hurricane I V7417 (WX-T) Sgt Zaluski KAS Patrol. Crashlanded at Colliers End.

 18 Oct Hurricane I P3872 (WX-R) P/O Wapniarek KIA Patrol. Crashlanded in bad weather, after a fight with Bf109s.
             Hurricane I
V6571 (WX-Q) P/O Żukowski KAS Patrol. Crashed after running out of fuel near Detling.
             Hurricane I P3931 (WX-V) F/O P Carter KAS Patrol. Abandoned at low altitude near Kempton Park racecourse.
             Hurricane I P3930 (WX-X) P/O Borowski KAS Patrol. Crashed on Kempton Park racecourse on return in bad  weather after hitting a barrage balloon line.

 25 Oct Hurricane I V7593 (WX-V) F/Lt Jastrzebski KIA Patrol.Failed to return from over the Channel after chasing Bf109  towards France.

 29 Oct Hurricane I P3085 (WX-A) F/Lt J A Thomson. Patrol. Abandoned after collision with another Hurricane (V6923) over  Brooklands. Pilot injured.

 8 Nov Hurricane I P3538 (WX-J) Sgt Kosarz KIA Patrol. Shot down by Bf109 over Mayfield (Sussex).


 20 Feb Hurricane II R2687 (WX-X) P/O Pilch KAS Crashed at home base during mock dog fight. Cause unknown.

 26 Apr Hurricane II Z2814 (WX-K) Sgt Nastorowicz KIA  Patrol. Crashed into the Channel, possible oxygen problem.

 4 May Hurricane II Z2350 (WX-W) Sgt Wedzik. Patrol. Abandoned after engine fire over the Channel. Pilot safe.

 11 May Hurricane IIb Z3433 (WX-B) P/O Narucki KAS Collided with another a/c on landing after training flight.

 8 May Hurricane II Z3423 ? S/Ldr Laguna. Patrol. Abandoned after combat with enemy fighter.
             Hurricane II Z2523 (WX-G)
Sgt Domagala. As above.
             Hurricane II Z3095 (WX-N)
F/Lt Kinel KIA Patrol. Shot down by Bf109 while returning to the base.

 11 May Hurricane II Z2386 (WX-C) P/O Karwowski. Crashed with a/c on take off. Pilot unhurt.
               Hurricane II Z3435 (WX-B) P/O Narucki KAS Patrol. Mid-air collision with Z3433. SOC
               Hurricane II Z3095 ? N/A. Ground: damaged during night attack on Keneley. SOC

 21 May Hurricane II Z2423 (WX-V) Sgt Rytka. Circus. Shot down by a fighter and evaded capture.
               Hurricane II V6943 (WX-D)
Sgt Szope KAS Patrol. Crashed at sea near DouglasWith(Isle of Man); engine failure.

 24 Aug Hurricane II Z2913 (WX-D) Sgt Kropiwnicki KAS Patrol. Crashed approaching Curchstanton; engine failure.

 9 Sep Hurricane II E3676 (WX-H) Sgt Pytlak KAS Crashed hitting power lines while training near Chester Hill, (Dorset).

 8 Nov Spifire V AB985 ? P/O Gutowski POW Escort. Shot down by a fighter.


 26 Jan Spitfire V AA747 (WX-B) F/L Kosinski KIA Shipping Recce. Shot down by a fighter near Rame Head.
pitfire V W3844 (WX-D) P/O Bednarski KIA As above.

 6 May Magister N3980 Sgt Wyszkowski KAS For unknown reasons crashed near Holton Heath during communication flight.  Passenger Sgt Radkowski killed.

 29 May Spitfire V P8725 (WX-B) F/O Godlewksi KAS For unknown reason crashed near Fairmile Henley on Thames.

 31 May Spitfire V BL677 (WX-V) Sgt Galazka KIA Roadstead.Shot down by FW190 in northern France.

 5 Jun Spitfire V AD257 (WX-D) Sgt Łysek KIA Circus 188. Shot down by flak near Le Havre.

 23 Jul Spitfire V BL549 (WX-E) P/O Nowakiewicz POW Rhubarb. Shot down by flak near Foret de Boulogne.

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 7 Sep Spitfire V AR280 ? P/O Zdzitowiecki. Circus. Damaged by FW190, abandoned over the Channel. Pilot searescued.

 8 Sep Spitfire V AA856 (WX-Z) P/O Urbanski KIA Ramrod. Shot down by FW190 near Le Havre.

 8 Sep Spitfire V AA854 (WX-G) Sgt Mikusek POW Ramrod. Shot down by FW190 near Le Havre.

 5 Dec Spitfire V BL403 ? F/O Rytka KAS Crashed near Northwood with engine seized. Pilot died of wounds.


 30 Jun Spitfire V EP516 ? Sgt Makosz POW Weeather Recce. Abandoned W of Landeda after combat with enemy fighter.

 24 Apr Spitfire V AR385 (WX-J) F/Lt Dec KAS Crashed near North Cotes (Lincs.) after mid-air collision with EN828.

 8 Sep Spitfire V AA909 ? F/O Sniec. Circus. Shot down by a fighter. Pilot safe, evaded capture.
           Spitfire V AA928 ? W/O B. Malinowski As above.

 19 Sep Spitfire V W3631 ? Sgt Krzystofinski. Ramrod 233. Shot down by flak north of Bethune. Pilot safe and seaescued.


 31 Jul Spitfire IX MJ945 ? F/Sgt Szadkowski POW Armed recce. Abandoned after being hit by flak.

 14 Aug Spitfire IX NH608 ? F/Sgt Ziendalski. Armed recce. Forcelanded after being damaged byground fire during strafing  run near Bernay. Pilot safe.

 7 Dec Spitfire IX MK370 (WX-H) F/O Napiorkowski KIA Shot down by German fighter. Died of wounds.



 10 Jan Spitfire XVI TB132 (WX-H) F/Lt Wegrzyn. Crashlanded damaged by flak. Pilot safe. SOC.s

 20 Jan Spitfire IX MK177 ? F/Sgt Hajduk KIA Crashlanded in a snow storm at Toldijk (Holland).

 13 Feb Spitfire XVI SM412 (WX-A) F/Lt Wegrzyn POW Armed recce. Shot down bz flak near Sonsbech.

 14 Feb Spitfire XVI SM488 (WX-G) P/O Gretkierewicz. Armed recce. Forcelanded after being hit by flak over Xanton.  Pilot safe. SOC.
             Spitfire XVI SM648 (WX-E) F/Lt Szymankiewicz. As above.

 24 Feb Spitfire XVI SM677 (WX-E) S/Ldr Bienkowski. Armed recce. Forcelanded after being hit by flak over Stenden.  Pilot safe. SOC.
             Spitfire XVI TB341 (WX-B) S/Ldr Bienkowski POW Forcelanded after being hit by flak over Wesel.
             Spitfire XVI
TB246 ? P/O Mackiewicz. As above. SOC.

 3 Mar Spitfire XVI TB283 ? P/O Pyzik KIA Armed recce. Shot down by flak near Wesel.
             Spitfire XVI SM398 (WX-J) F/Sgt Oksiak. Armed recce. Damaged by flak over Zuthpen. Pilot safe. SOC.

 13 Mar Spitfire XVI TB395 (WX-B) P/O Gretkierewicz. Armed recce. Damaged by flak near Zwolle. Pilot safe. SOC.

 14 Mar Spitfire XVI TB250 (WX-L) S/Ldr Olszewski. Armed recce. Hit by flak when attacking train. Pilot safe. SOC.

 18 Mar Spitfire XVI TB370 (WX-I) Sgt Pliszka. Armed recce. Damaged by flak over Utrecht. Pilot safe. SOC.

 19 Mar Spitfire XVI TB140 ? F/Lt Kaczmarek. Armed recce. Damaged by flak near Deventer. Pilot safe. SOC.

 24 Mar Spitfire XVI TB751 (WX-R) W/O Schmidt. Damaged by flak over Arnham. Pilot safe. SOC.

 9 Apr Spitfire XVI TB378 ? W/O Schmidt. Armed recce. Damaged by flak forcelanded near Zwolle. Pilot safe. SOC.


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