The 302 on July 13, 1940 at RAF Leconfield. Click on the thumbnail to see full size picture.

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The 302 Squadron at Northolt, October 1940.
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Early 302, this publicity photo was taken in October 1940, most likely at RAF Leconfield.
From left are: Wlodzimierz Karwowski, Eugeniusz Nowakiewicz, Julian Kowalski, Aleksander Narucki, ?, Antoni Lysek, Zbigniew Wroblewski.

Profile o the unit's Hawker Hurricane Mk I by the artist Janusz Swiatlon. Photo: Magazyn lotniczy Aero 8/2010.

Northolt, October 1940. The unit's pilots (from left): T. Czerwinski; B. Bernas; M. Neyder; unrecognized; W. Gnys; unknown British; N. Nestorowicz; W. Kaminski; M. Wedzik; R. Narucki; S. Lapka; A. Lysek and S. Markiewicz.

Hurricane Mk II at Westhampnett, early 1941.

RAF Kenley April 1941. W/Cdr Pawlikowski (center) visits the unit. From right: S/Ldr Laguna; P/O Wychowski; Sgt Zaluski; Sgt Nowakiewicz; Sgt B. Malinowski; Sgt Lysek, unknown and F/Lt Lukaszewicz (adjutant).

May 1941 RAF Kenley. The unit's interpreters: P/O Skrzynski (left) and Sgt Karpinski. (Photo courtesy of K. Mordasiewicz)

Left: The second squadron's commander S/Ldr Piotr Laguna.
Right: Staged photo of Bogdan Muth.

Left: P/O Karwowski after shooting down a Ju-88. Right:
Duke of Kent talks to Marian Wedzik during visit to the squadron in March 1941 Giving the scene an indifferent look is Marian Rytka.

Left: Waclaw Krol. Center:
Franciszek Jastrzebski Right: Tadeusz Czerwinski.

Czeslaw Glowczynski in Spitfire II WX-A, P8742. After a serious accident following a fight with German fighters, served with the PAF Headquarters. Below, the profile of this a/c by Robert Grudzien.

April 5, 1941. Duke of Kent visiting the Poles at RAF Kenley. On the photograph he talks to C. Glowczynski who on his left has Z. Wroblewski. Right of Glowczynski stand: S. Lapka; Julian Kowalski and Z. Karwowski.

Apr13,1941. Sgt Rytka (left) reports after returning from unsuccessful search for F/Lt Henneberg (303) who ditched at the Channel. The adjutant F/Lt Lukaszewicz (center and P/O Gnys listen to the report. (Photo courtesy of K. Mordasiewicz)

RAF Jurby where the squadron moved in May 1941. (Picture courtesy of K. Mordasiewicz)

President Raczkowski visit to the squadron on November 11, 1941 at Harrowbeer. Two events were observed: the anniversary of the Poland's regaining its independence and the passing of the Polish Air Force's flag
to the unit. Click on the thumbnail below to see more photos from that day.

President of Poland decorates Sgt Beda. On his left is F/Lt Witorzenc, on right F/O Duryasz and F/O Krol.

The President honors the Polish Air Force Colors.

Led by the S/Ldr Julian Kowalski the unit marching by.

The President honors the Polish Air Force Colors.

The unit's best pilot, Sgt Nowakiewicz receives Cross of Valour.

A staged photo of Nowakiewicz with Spitfire.
Mass celebrated in a hangar.

Spitfire VB WX-T W3902 in Heston, May 1942.

Squadron's Spitfire VB in early July 1942. Notice the white stripes were applied on July 4, 1942 for ”Operation Rutter”.
This planned exercise of invasion beaches of Dieppe. This exercise was later carried out as ”Operation Jubilee”in August 1942.
The 302 took part in this operation but as all other RAF units, its aircraft had then no distinctive markings applied.
Polish Spitfires Decal and Book by Kagero

The same aircraft dispersed at the RAF Croydon.

S/Ldr Kowalski in his Spitfire V WX-B W3954 in summer 1942.

Andrzej Beyer.

March 1942. The unit's pilots at RAF Hutton Cranswick.
Standing from left: B. Kedzierski; L. Ciastula; J. Mozolowski; unknown; unknown; B. Kaczmarek; A. Gabszewicz; S. Lapka; B. Muth; T. Zdzitowiecki; unknown; E. Lucyszyn (?); M. Domagala; M. Jaszczak. Squatting in front: unknown (left); A. Pietrzak; J. Dec. On the propeller: J. Preihs.

Kirton-In-Lindsey, March 1943.
S/Ldr Lapka moments before staging a publicity flyover. Notice the piece of tape covering the squadron's number at its logo painted on the fuselage. This was supposed to hide unit's identity. It is absolutely certain that the Germans knew way more about RAF units than their identity or location.

Below: S/Ldr Lapka buzzing dispersed 302 planes. In front, WX-T being tended by the ground stuff.

The third picture (a rare colour one) from this photo shoot. S/Ldr Stanislaw Lapka in front of his personal mount Spitfire VB
, WX-L, EN865.
All three picture: Imperial War Museum.

Sgt Edward Janiszewski

W/O Bronislaw Malinowski posing by the unit's logo.

Kirton-n-Lindsey, March 1943.
Fitters' work around Merlin engines would never cease.

Sgt Jozef Dawidek, the unit's mechanic (left) talks to unrecognized pilot at Hutton Cranswick. It background the Spitfire VB WX-J AR385, which was delivered to the 302 on April 17, 1943. A week later F/O Dec was killed in this aircraft during a training flight.
(photo: courtesy of Kelvin Youngs)

This Spitfire Mk IX was delivered to the unit in September 1943 and was flown by the 302 pilots till April 1944.
Polish Spitfires Decal and Book by Kagero

W/O Jaszczak by the tail section of the WX-G MK983. Probably May 1944.

S/Ldr Duryasz in 1944.

RAF Coolham May 26, 1944.
The 302 CO, S/Ldr Lapka shakes hand with General Sosnkowski. On the left, S/Ldr Horbaczewski commander of the 315 Sqdn.

F/Lt Wladysław Kaminski leaning against his Spitfire IX at Chailey, June 1944.

Summer of 1944. Spitfire Mk IXc MH869 WX-R escorting USAAF bombers. Photo by the crew of a B-24 Liberator.

F/Sgt Detka by his WX-Z probably in September 1944.
(photo: courtesy of Lukasz Nikitin)

Lille-Vendeville, September 1944.

Robert Grudzien's profile of the Spitfire LFIX, ML 136 WX-L, St Denjis Westrem (Belgium), fall 1944. Standard camouflage and markings of the 2 TAF. Notice the lack of the squadron's badges.

F/Sgt Celak in WX-D MH712, second half of 1944. (Roland Celak via Jacek Suder)

The 302 Spitfires XVI. In front is TD238 SZ-K, a/c of W/Cdr Sawicz, the CO 131 Wing.

The unit's pilots and ground crew in April 1945. Grist from left stands F/Sgt Celak. This Spitfire XVI is armed with bombs. Probably Nordhorn, Germany. (Roland Celak via Jacek Suder)

German made POW photo of S/Ldr Zygmunt Bienkowski, with his service number displayed.
He was liberated by the US Army troops in May 1945.
(Courtesy of Kurt Spence, via Teunis Schuurman)

Spitfire XVI, QH-V (since August 1945 unit's code letters changed), TD283, after force landing near Cloppenburg (Germany) in May 1946. The pilot was F/Sgt Chomacki photographed by his kite.


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