Compiled by Les Olszewski and Wilhelm Ratuszynski.


   Left: No. 303 squadron's badge. Courtesy of K. Tyszka.


KIA killed in actin / KAS killed in active service / POW prisoner of war / SOC aircraft struck off charge (written off)

 9 Aug. Hurricane I P3645 F/O L. Paszkiewicz. Wrecked during taxiing. Pilot safe. SOC.
 5 Sep.  Hurricane I P2985 P/O W. Lapkowski. Patrol. Abandoned after combat with Bf109 over Gillingham. Pilot wounded.

 6 Sep. Hurricane I P3089 P/O W. Januszewicz. Patrol. Shot down by Bf109, crash landed near Lenham. Pilot unhurt.
            Hurricane I P3974 S/Ldr Z. Krasnodebski.  Abandoned after combat with Bf109 S of Bexley. Pilot safe.
            Hurricane I V7290 Sgt S. Karubin. Crashlanded near Pembrey damaged by He111 return fire. Pilot wounded.  SOC.           

 7 Sep. Hurricane I R4173 F/O M. Pisarek. Abandoned after combat with Bf109 above Loughton, Essex. Pilot wounded.
            Hurricane I P3890 P/O J. Daszewski.As above. Pilot wounded.

 9 Sep. Hurricane I P3700 (RF-E) F/Sgt K. Wunshe. Abandoned after combat with Bf109 over Beachy Head. Pilot injured.
 11 Sep. Hurricane I V6667 (RF-K) F/O A. Cebrzynski KIA Patrol. Abandoned after combat S of London. Pilot died of wounds
              Hurricane I V7242 (RF-B) Sgt S. Wojtowicz KIA Patrol. Shot dwon by Bf109 near Westerham (Kent).
 15 Sep. Hurricane I P3577 (RF-E) Sgt M. Brzezowski KIA Patrol. Shot down by Bf109s off Gravesend.
              Hurricane I P3939 (RF-M) Sgt T. Andruszkow. Patrol. Abandoned after combat with Bf109 over Dartford. Pilot safe.
 27 Sep. Hurricane I L1696 (RF-T) F/O L. Paszkiewicz KIA Patro. Shot down by BF109 over Kent.
              Hurricane I V7289 (RF-S) F/O W. Zak. Patrol. Abandoned over Horsham. Pilot wounded.
              Hurricane I V6665 (RF-J) Sgt T. Andruszkow KIA Patrol. Shot down by Bf109 over Horsham.
 30 Sep. Hurricane I ? Sgt M. Belc. Patrol. Abandoned after combat with Bf109. Pilot safe.
              Hurricane I P3663 P/O J. Radomski.Patrol. Crash landed on beach at Lydd after severe damage in combat with Bf109s  over the Channel. Pilot safe. SOC.
 5 Oct. Hurricane I P3892 F/O W. Januszewicz KIA Patrol. Shot down by Bf109 near Stowting, Kent.
 6 Oct. Hurricane I P3120 (RF-A) Sgt A. Siudak KIA On ground. Bombed while taxiing by lone raider at Northolt. SOC.

Wreckage of the Siudek's aircraft. Courtesy of

 7 Oct. Hurricane I P3089 P/O B. Mierzwa.Crashed and caught fire on take off from decoy airfield at Chatham where mid-landed  after combat with Bf109s. Pilot safe. SOC.
 8 Oct. Hurricane I R4175 (RF-R) Sgt J. Frantisek KIA Patrol. For unknon cause crashed at Ewel, Surrey.
 24 Oct. Hurricane I V6807 (RF-R) P/O J. Bury-Burzymski KAS Crashed and killed during dogfight practice at Leconfield. 
 12 Apr. Spifire II P8029 (RF-P) S/Ldr Z. Henneberg KIA Rhubarb. Shot down by flak from Berck-sur-Mer airfield.
 16 Apr. Spitfire II P7819 (RF-S) P/O B. Mierzwa KIA Circus 8. Shot down by Bf109 near Dungeness.
              Spitfire II P8039 (RF-R) P/O M. Waszkiewicz. KIA As above.
 20 Apr. Spitfire II P7859 (RF-V) Sgt M. Pavlovic KIA Patrol. Shot down by Bf109 over LeTouquet. 
 9 May. Spitfire II P7962 P/O J. Zumbach. Channel patrol. Abandoned over Dover after combat with Bf109. Pilot safe. 
 25 Jun. Spitfire II P8672 (RF-F) P/O S. Paderewski KIA Circus 23. Shot down over the channel by Bf109.
 27 Jun. Spitfire II P8331 (RF-M) W/Cdr P. Laguna KIA Circus. Shot down by flak over Hardelot.
 28 Jun. Spitfire II P8335 (RF-R) P/O W. Drecki. Escort. Shot down over the Channel and searescued.
               Spifire II P8346 (RF-T) P/O J. Bondar KIA Circus 26. Shot down by flak near Lille. 
 2 Jul. Spitfire II P8596 (RF-V) S/Ldr W. Lapkowski. KIA Escort. Shot down by Bf109 over the Channel.
           Spitfire II P8463 Sgt R. Gorecki. As above and searescued. 
 8 Jul. Spitfire II P8502 (RF-C) S/Ldr T. Arentowicz KIA Circus. Probably shot down by fighter over the Channel.
           Spitfire II P8669 F/O W. Strzembosz KIA Circus. Shot down by Bf109 near La Motte.
 11 Aug. Spitfire II X4065 P/O J. Juszczak KAS Ditched during training flight some 3 miles from Prestatyn (Wales).
 21 Oct. Spitfire V AB823 P/O R. Lobarzewski. Sweep: engine trouble during combat, aircraft caught fire and pilot baled out safely over Hawkinge.
 14 Feb. Spitfire V BL432 (RF-K) F/O M. Feric KAS For unknown reasons crashed during a test flight at Northolt.

Debris of F/O Feric's BL432, RF-K, which crashed crashed at Northolt in 1942.

 13 May. Spitfire V BL656 F/Lt W. Lokuciewski POW Circus 114. Shot down by Bf109 NW of Hazebrouck.
 25 Mar. Spitfire V AD179 (RF-F) F/O A. Wroblewski KIA
 Sweep: s/d by FW190 of JG26 near Desvers, ditched, pilot drowned.

 4 Apr. Spitfire V AD455 (RF-V) . F/Lt J. Daszewski KIA Circus 119. Shot down by a fighter and lost in the Channel.
           Spitfire V AB824 (RF-S) . F/Lt S. Kustrzynski POW Circus 119. Shot down by a fighter. Pilot baled out safely.

Kustrzynski's a/c being recovered by a german salvage unit.

 12 Apr. Spitfire V W3506 (RF-U) P/O Z. Wojda. Circus 122. Damaged by FW190 ditched 5 miles SE of Dover. Searescued.
              Spitfire V BL926 F/O Z. Bienkowski. Circus 122: Hazebrouck railway yards, damaged by FW190, engine cut out and crash landed near Manston. Later SOC.
 27 Apr. Spitfire V AA940 (RF-E) F/O S. Kolodynski POW Circus 143. Shot down by a fighter. Pilot baled out safely.

German soldiers examine the wreck the force-landed Spitfire AA940.

 3 May. Spitfire V BL237 Sgt M. Cybulski POW Circus. Abandoned after attack by FW190. 
 6 May. Spitfire V BL375 (RF-J) F/Lt L. Domanski POW Rodeo. Shot down by flak near St Omer.
 19 Aug. Spitfire V BL574 (RF-F) P/O A. Damm KIA Missing after combat supporting the ill fated Dieppe raid.
 12 Dec. Spitfire V AD269 (RF-L) F/O R.Stankiewicz KAS Crashed in adverse weather Normandy-le-Wold (Lincs).
 14 Jun. Spitfire IX BL290 (RF-S) F/Sgt J. Dabrowski KAS For unknown reasons crashed at Islington Cemetery in London during  training flight.
 24 Jun. Spitfire IX EN184 P/O J. Karczmarz POW Ramrod. Shot down by FW190.
              Spitfire IX LZ993 P/O J. Kobylinski POW As above.
 14 Sep. Spitfire IX MA754 (RF-K) F/O T. Kolecki. KIA Crashlanded with engine failure at Sandy Lodge (Hertford).
 22 Sep. Spitfire IX BS180 F/Sgt W. Kempka. Ramrod. Damaged by FW190 near Le Treport, abandoned over the Channel.  Pilot safe and searescued.
 24 Sep. Spitfire IX EN173 (RF-C) F/Sgt T. Szymkowiak KIA Ramrod. Shot down by FW190 near Amiens.
 14 Dec. Spitfire IX EN856 F/O S. Podobinski KAS Crashed in adverse weather 2 miles S of Snaefell Mountain (Man Island).
 16 May. Spitfire V EE625 (RF-S) F/Lt Z. Marszalek KAS Crashed with engine failure near Nutley (Susex).
 21 May. Spitfire V EP461 F/Lt S. Brzeski POW Ramrod 905. Shot down near Pas de Calais.
                Spitfire V BM565 F/Sgt W. Kempka POW Ramrod 905: crash landed near Villiers.
 22 May. Spitfire V EN836 F/Sgt Z. Bartowiak. Ramrod 909. Abandoned over Merville following glycol leak, evaded capture.
 17 Jun. Spitfire V BM407 (RF-Z) W/O L. Zygarlicki KIA Beach patrol. Shot down by flak during attacking MT near St.  Martin. 
 22 Jun. Spitfire V BL617 W/O W. Sznapka. Beach patrol. Abandoned after being damaged by flak. Pilot safe.
 23 Jun. Spitfire V AB271 (RF-F) W/O A. Chudek KIA Beachhead patrol. Shot down by flak in Carantan area.
 18 Aug. Spitfire IX EN527 (RF-X) F/O H. Borkowski KIA Ramrod 1214. Crashed after losing wing when attacking ground  targets near Varoux.
 31 Aug. Spitfire IX MH822 (RF-R) F/Lt J. Stasik KIA Armed recce. Hit by flak and abandoned 10 miles N of Ostend.
 18 Sep. Spitfire IX MH320 (RF-N) F/Sgt S. Dworski KIA Crash after being hit by flak near Roosendaal.
 20 Sep. Spitfire IX. MA795 F/O W. Herbst. Escort. Hit by flak and abandoned near Calais. Pilot safe.
 13 Oct. Spitfire IX BS534 Sgt K. Stankiewicz. Ranger. Crashlanded due to engine failure in Holland. Safe and evaded capture.
 1 Nov. Spitfire IX MH910 (RF-G) Sgt J. Wierchowicz KIA Ranger. Shot down by FW190 near Hague.
 25 Feb. Spitfire IX EN367 (RF-R) F/Lt S. Szpakowicz KIA Armed recce. Shot down by flak near Schouwen.
 27 Feb. Spitfire IX MA814 (RF-Q) F/Sgt K. Prusak KAS Crashed due to pilot error at Harrington airfield (Northamptonshire).
 9 Mar. Spitfire IX BS281 (RF-C) W/Cdr J. Falkowski. Armed recce. Hit by flak, and abandoned near Hague, taken POW and  then escaped.
 20 Aug. Mustang III KM201 F/Sgt S. Magdziak KAS Mid air collision during training flight.
               Mustang III KM113 W/O A. Rutecki KAS See above.
2 Jan. Mustang IV HB836 (PD-S) F/Lt J. Schandler KAS Crashed at Turnhouse during test flight.
 29 Mar. Mustang IV KH747 W/O K. Sztuka KAS For unknown reason crashed near Methal airfield, during training flight.


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