No. 303 Squadron Picture Gallery

Hurricane Mk I in summer 1940, when the squadron was still in training, and ...

Probably the same aircraft being after combat sortie (notice missing doped canvas coverings of machine guns openings). Climbing the cockpit is Sgt Karubin.

This Hurricane was flown by the 303 pilots during the Battle of Britain, although the sky band applied on a tail tells that the picture was taken some time afterwards. The unit's badge appears behind the cockpit as was applied during the last stages of the BoB.

Scramble 303!!!

One of few Hurricanes RF-J flown by the unit for twenty days during the Battle of Britain. This V6665 was particular since it had skewed red stripe painted by the tail. Flying this aircraft on September 11, 1940, Sgt Brzezowski shot down two He-111s over Horsham.

Spitfire Mk II, P8079 of F/Lt Lapkowski, Northolt, March 1941.*

Sgt Pavlovic and a ground crewman posing by Spitifre Mk II P7859 in which he was shot down on April 20, 1941, over Le Touqet.

Spitfire Mk II, P8385 IMPREGNABLE of F/O Feric, Northolt, May-July 1941. *

Formation of RF Spitfires Mk Vs on its way to France. Probably summer 1942. Notice the code letters scratched by the censors.

Well publicized photo of S/Ldr Zumbach's personal mount in 1942. Its profile below. * 

RF-D "Donald Duck" was a popular aircraft to be photographed in. Here in a cockpit is Sgt Kwasniewski.

This W3506 Spitfire MKVB, was coded with the letter "U". It was lost on April 12, 1942 during Circus 122 when shot up by Focke Wulfs, it was ditched by P/O Wojda. In the cockpit is Sgt Chojnacki. (Picture courtesy of WIlliam Hart) Its profile below. *

RAF Northolt April 1942. Notice horizontal position of the fuselage and the cannon shells in the wing shade. This aircraft is positioned for the gun test at the airfield range.

RAF Northolt 1942. Sptifire MkV RF-M having an engine test run.

Above and below left, formations of the 303 in August/September 1942.
On the right, a staged publicity photo (August 1942) after the units 178th score, a Ju88 downed a moth before. In a background a first version of "Donald Duck" Spitfire BM144.

Kirton-in-Lindsey. August 1942. The Spitfire MKVB, BL748 often flown by Sgt Chojnacki. (Picture courtesy of WIlliam Hart)

RAF Northolt summer 1943. The unit's armourers clean guns of the Spitfire Mk IX EN172 coded "J".

RAF Northolt summer 1943.

The peak-capped officer is believed to be F/O Stanislaw Socha with F/Sgt Zenon Bartkowiak beside him looking down. The Spitfire Mk IX, MA528 was taken on charge on 16 Nov 1944.

Sgt Polilejko in the cockpit of RF-G, MH910, September/November 1944. (via Krzysztof Tyszka)

The 303 was the only Polish fighter squadron to be equipped with Mustang IVs. Here two of them at RAF Hethel 1945.

RAF Hethel 1945. View of the airfield with RF-P landing and black-and-white MCU in a center.

KH770, PD-Y in 1946.

Late in 1945, the unit's code letter were changed from RF to PD. Left: PD-D, KM112 of S/Ldr Drobinski at Clotishall late 1945. Leaning on a wheel is W/O Bargielowski, DFM and ace status. On the wing W/O R. Falkowski. Right: Musatng IV, PD-S, KH836 following the crash in January 1946, in which F/Lt Schandler was killed.

* Color profiles courtesy of Robert Grudzien in Poland.


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