Compiled by Wilhelm Ratuszynski.


Left: No. 304 squadron's badge. Courtesy of K. Tyszka.



 14 Dec. Vickers Wellington no. R1268 (NZ-T) Force landed during a traing flight near Edmondsley in adverse weather  (a/c  iced  up). F/O Waroczewski, F/O Kostuch, F/O Stanczuk and Sgt Boczkowski were safe.
 16 Dec. Vickers Wellington no. R1064 Probaly shot down by a night fighter during atack on Ostend. Lost were: S/Ldr  Blazejewski, F/O Szczodrowski , F/O Komlacz, Sgt Golabek, Sgt Suwalski and Sgt Rutkowski.

 6 Feb. Vickers Wellington no. R1014 For unknown reasons crashed soon after take off at Statian Farm near Bleasby.  Killed  were: Sgt Cymborski, Sgt Jonczyk, Sgt Tofin and Sgt Lichota.

 15 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. R1212 Lost during a training flight. Lost one engine during landing run and crashed at the  edge  of  Flintham Woods. F/O Galczynski and Sgt Ananowski were seriously wounded. Sgt Jarosz suffered minor injuries.  Killed  were F/O  Christman, Sgt Berger and Sgt Pietruszewski.

 6 May. Vickers Wellington no. R1443 Shot down by a night fighter. Mission to bomb Le Havre. The whole crew lost: P/O  Sym,  P/O Sobieralski, P/O Duchnicki, Sgt Hampel, Sgt Bialek and Sgt Zolnowski.

 9 May. Vickers Wellington no. R1473 Shot down by flak near Lingen-Em, mission to Bremen. British advicory crew to the  unit: W/Cdr Graham, F/O Webb, F/O Lynes, F/Sgt Gear and Sgt Hamilton were killed. F/Sgt Wady POW

 28 May. Vickers Wellington no. R1392 (NZ-N) Damaged by flak while returning from bombing Boulogne. The a/c  crashed  at  Darwell Hole. The crew bale out. Lost in the channel were: F/O Wieczorek, P/O Waroczewski, P/O  Kuszczynski and  Sgt  Drozdz. Sgt Jozefiak and Sgt Nilski safe.

 25 Jul. Vickers Wellington no. X9620 Lost during the raid on Emden. Shot down by flak over Opperdoes, Holland. The  hole  crew perished: F/O Karczewski, F/O Rzepa, F/O Musial, Sgt Salamon, Sgt Zuwala and Sgt Witkowski.

 20 Oct. Vickers Wellington no. N2852 (NZ-D) Hit by flak while returning from bombing Emden. The crew signaled its  position at  20:49 p.m. and ditch SE Helgoland. The rescue mission failed. Lost were: F/O Gisman, P/O Borzecki, Sgt  Klimiuk, Sgt Plis, Sgt  Adamik and Sgt Zykow.

 26 Oct. Vickers Wellington no. W5720 (NZ-Q) The a/c ditched near the English coast after being damaged by flak over  Hamburg. After 18 hours the crew was rescued, except F/O Stenocki. Safe were: F/O Ladro, P/O T. Skarzynski, P/O  Sokolowski, P/O Assman and Sgt Krzywon.

 8 Nov. Vickers Wellington no. R1215 (NZ-M) After bombing Manheim, the a/c lost its fuel and the pilot decided to land  at  St.  Trond, between Liege and Louvain (Belgium), where the Luftwaffe unit of Me109 fighters stationed. After burning the  documents  and maps, the crew was taken prisoners: F/Lt Mondschein (later executed after the escape from the notorious  Stalag Luft III),  F/O Blicharz, P/O Rekszyc,  Sgt Jaworoszuk, Sgt M. Lewandowski and Sgt Krawiecki.

 30 Nov. Vickers Wellington no. X3164 Ditched ditched 20 miles east of Great Yarmouth, returning from bombing  Hamburg.  The  whole crew safe: F/O Klewicz, P/O Zajac, P/O Maczynski, Sgt Pokrzywa, Sgt Garstka and Sgt  Strzyzewski.

 16 Dec. Vickers Wellington no. R1064 For unknown reasons the a/c crashed at sea, what was witnessed by other crews.  Mission to bomb Ostende. Lost were: S/Ldr Blazejewski, F/O Kamlacz, F/O Szczodrowski, Sgt Suwalski, Sgt  Rutkowski and  Sgt Golabek. Four bodies were recovered.


 10 Jan. Vickers Wellington no. DV423 Damaged by flak, the a/c ditch on its way to bomb Wilhelmshaven. The whole  crew  perished: F/O Klewicz, P/O Zajac, P/O Maczynski, Sgt Pokrzywa, Sgt Garstka and Sgt Strzyzewski.
             Vickers Wellington no.
Z1082. Same target. Probably shot down by a fighter. The whole crew perished: F/O  Kurek,  Sgt Obiorek, Sgt A. Sankowski, Sgt Kwiecien, Sgt Patek and Sgt Rogowski.

 6 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. X9764 Shot down by a night fighter near Geetbetz, Belgium, while on its way to bomb  targets  in Germany. Whole crew perished: F/O Natkanski, P/O Assman, P/O Osadzinski, P/O Ziemianski, Sgt Babraj  and Sgt  Grajnert.

 11 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. R1230 (NZ-E) On its way to bomb Essen a/c damaged by flak near Kesset. The crew  baled  out. Except Sgt J. Janik who was killed, the rest of the crew became POW: F/O Piwowarek, Sgt Solecki, Sgt  Moszynski,  Sgt Walukiewicz and Sgt Klus.

 12 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. DV437 (NZ-H) Damaged by Me110 nightfighter over Essen, managed to return and  forcelanded  near March, Cambridgeshire. The crew safe: P/O Wacinski, Sgt Lozowicki, Sgt Straczek, Sgt Gibas, Sgt  Piniewski and Sgt  Garbacz,

 13 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. X9687 On its way to bomb Essen, shot down by flak. The crew bale out. P/O  Misiakiewicz  F/Sgt Graczyk, Sgt Bratkowski, Sgt Niewolski and Sgt Broda became POW. Killed was F/Lt  Mlynarski.

 24 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. X9829 (NZ-O) Shot down by a night fighter near the estuary of the River Ems, 4 km from  Manslagt. Raid on Rostock. The whole crew perished: F/Lt Wojcik, F/O Kwak, F/O Zieleniewski, P/O Dzierzbicki, Sgt  Wozniak and Sgt W. Jankowski.
             Vickers Wellington no. R1697 (NZ-S) Damaged over Flensburg by Me110 nightfighter, crahlanded at Lindholme. A/c  written off. The crew safe: Sq/Ldr Czetowicz, F/Sgt Ziolkowski, F/Lt Lewkowicz, F/Sgt Apansewicz, F/Sgt Paskiewicz and  P/O S Apanasik. Czetowicz and Apanasik received bullets wounds.

(Picture courtesy of Robert Jurgały via Grzegorz Kasztura-

 28 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. Z1088 (NZ-D) Since it took off to bomb Cologne, no radio contact was obtained.  Probably  shot down near Villens-la-Ville (Belgium). The whole crew perished: F/Lt E. Kowalski, F/O Szczurowski, F/Sgt  Pieczynski,  Sgt Garbacz and Sgt Ferenc.
             Vickers Wellington no. W5627 (NZ-B) Damaged by flak crashed near Chatel-Censoir in France during mission to  Cologne. The crew safe. Sgt Lipski was made POW. F/O Morawski, P/O Wacinski and Sgt Wozniak evaded capture.

 31 May. Vickers Wellington no. DV781 Ditched on an anti-submarine sweep from RAF Tiree, due to both engines failure.  The crew safe. F/O Waltera, Sgt Jonski ......

 26 Jun. Vickers Wellington no. DV441 (NZ-Q) Shot down over sea by a fighter during raid on Bremen. The whole crew  perished: P/O Kramin, Sgt Kuc, Sgt Kamyszek, Sgt Wojas, Sgt Dydziul and Sgt Talach. Only the body of Sgt Dydziul  was  found.

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 3 Jul. Vickers Wellington no. HZ575 Probably shot down during sea patrol over the Bay of Biscay. Lost were: F/O  Nowak,  F/O Blachowski, Sgt Strek, Sgt Fedak, Sgt Pilat and Sgt Szuigin.

 11 Jul. Vickers Wellington no. Z1072 (NZ-G) Crashed during take-off for a training flight at Bramcote. Losat were: P/O  Mazurkiewicz and F/Sgt Kosturkiewicz. The rest of the crew safe.

 12 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. HX384 (NZ-L) Failed to take off for the sea patrol from Dale. The whole crew perished:  F/Lt Maslanka, F/O Siuzdak, Sgt Omieliaszko, Sgt Modrzewski, Sgt Wojtowicz and Sgt Drozdziok.

 20 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. Z1172 (NZ-V) Took off from RAF Dale for a training flight. For unknown reasons  crashed at  sea near Angiesey. Killed were: F/O Wasilewski, P/O A. Zielinski, Sgt Jamb, Sgt Tycholis, Sgt Ruszel and  Sgt Gramiak.

 15 Oct. Vickers Wellington no. R1704(NZ-P) For unknown reasons crashed during a low-level training flight over the sea  near Ramsey Island. Killed were: F/O Sierakowski and F/O Schultz. No other crew were on board.

 16 Oct. Vickers Wellington no. R1413 (NZ-J) Shot down by German fighters on a sea patrol over the Bay of Biscay. The  whole crew perished: F/O Targowski, F/O Oles, Sgt Mlynarski. Sgt Piechowiak, Sgt Twardoch and Sgt Kubacik.

 1 Nov. Vickers Wellington no. R1716 (NZ-L) Probably shot down by a fighter on a sea patrol over the Bay of Biscay.  The  whole crew perished: F/Lt Skorobohaty, F/Lt Szkuta (Alojzy Szkuta was earlier in 301 Sqn, and shot down over  Germany,  baled out and evaded capture), F/O Wodzinski, Sgt Rogala-Sobieszczanski and Sgt Sasal.


 3 Jul. Vickers Wellington no. HZ575 Shot down by German fighters 40 miles NW of Brest. The whole crew perished:  F/O  M. Nowak, F/O Blachowski, Sgt Szulgin, Sgt Strek, Sgt Pilat and Sgt Fedak.

 17 Jul. Vickers Wellington no. HE304 Ran out of fuel returning from an anti-submarine patrol over the Bay of Biscay. The  crew baled out over Carlow near Ballickmoy (Ireland). Sgt's: Kieltyka, Duszczak, Pasieka, Salewicz, Pawluczyk and  Kaczan.

 26 Jul. Vickers Wellington no. HZ640 (NZ-W) Shot down by fighters over the bay of Biscay. The whole crew perished:  F/Lt  Rolinski, F/Lt Jagiello, F/O Kulicki, Sgt Zawilinski, Sgt Zagorowski and Sgt Ehrlich.

 29 Jul. Vickers Wellington no. HE576 (NZ-K) While returning to Davidstow Moor from a sea patrol over the bay of  Biscay,  crashed approaching the runway due to engine failure. Killed were S/Ldr Rodziewicz and F/Lt Z. Janicki. F/Lt  Kolodziejski  and Sgt Jozwiak suffered minor injuries. Sgt Matlak and Sgt Zentar were safe.

 13 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. HZ638 (2P) Shot down by a fighter during a sea patrol over the Bay of Biscay. Lost  were: F/Lt  Widanka, P/O Kielan, Sgt Pastwa, Sgt Dangel, Sgt Gorka and Sgt Czarnecki.

 22 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. HZ576 (2K) Lost over the Bay of Biscay. At 4:00 p.m. the last radio signal was  received. Probably s/d by a fighter. The whole crew perished: F/O Matuszewski, F/O Porebski, F/Sgt Walkiewicz , F/Sgt  Wojnilowicz, Sgt Gawlik and Sgt Szczepaniak.
 7 Nov. Vickers Wellington no. HF150 During Leigh Light exercise, this aircraft suffered engine problems and attempted an  emergency landing at RAF Haverfordwest, where collided with another a/c due to controller's error. Pilots: F/Lt A. Kasprzyk  and Sgt K. Polanin, safe.

 20 Dec. Vickers Wellington no. HF208 (2S) While returning from U-Boat patrol over the Sea of Biscay, probably  struck  by lightning the a/c went down in flames near Brandon, Nor. Ireland. The whole crew perished: F/Sgt Adamowicz,  Sgt Kuflik,  Sgt Pietrzak, Sgt Kowalewicz, Sgt Lugowski and Sgt Czerniawski.


 14 Jan. Vickers Wellington no. HF198 (2E) For unknown reasons a/c went down during a training flight between  Predannack and the Candignan Bay. The sea claimed: F/Lt Chomka, F/Lt Ciechanowski, F/O Nowacki, F/Sgt Krzywon  and  Sgt Druciak.

 7 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. HF121 (2V) While on a sea patrol over the Bay of Biscay, the crew sent the SOS  signal at  1:23 p.m. Probably shot down by a fighter. The whole crew perished: F/O Stanczykiewicz, F/Sgt Marton, Sgt  Janicki, Sgt  Sankowski Sgt Kolodziej and Sgt Franczak.

 11 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. HF188 (2A) During a sea patrol over the Bay of Biscay the a/c was attacked by  German  fighters. The SOS signal was received. Lost were: W/Cdr Poziomek, S/Ldr Stanczuk, F/Lt Malynicz, F/Sgt  Siadecki, F/Sgt  Matlak and F/Sgt Szpinalski.


 20 Mar. Vickers Wellington no. NBY6Y (L) Crashed at St Merryn (Cornwall) and written off. The plane was returning from an 8 hour night time anti-submarine sweep. Crew sustained injuries: W/O Sawosko, Sgt Stendera, Sgt Gajszyn, Sgt Liczbinski, Sgt I. Pawlowski and Sgt Strauch.


 18 Jan. Vickers Warwick no. HG273 (QD-X)Piloted by W/O Bojarczuk (killed), went ablaze during landing after a  training  flight at Chedburgh. W/O Zurek and W/O Borek were safe.

 23 Aug. H.P. Halifax no. PP232 (QD-C) Due to the pilot's error crashed during a training flight at Lawshail Green,  Suffolk.  Killed were: F/Lt Matylis, F/Lt Dabrowski and F/Sgt Michalak.

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