Compiled by Wilhelm Ratuszynski.


   Left: No. 305 squadron's badge. Courtesy of K. Tyszka.

 3 May. Vickers Wellington no. R1214 (SM-N) Shot down by a night fighter over Budel, in Holland, during mission to Emden.  Killed were  F/O Ryszkiewicz and F/O Malak. Safe and POW were: F/Lt Jastrzebski, F/O Nogal, W/O Zuk and  W/O  Kasprzyk.
 9 May. Vickers Wellington no. R1322 (SM-F) Over Ijssel Meer (Holland) shot down by a fighter. Whole crew perished:  F/O  Socharski, Sgt Gwozdz, Sgt Karcz, Sgt Sikorski, Sgt Pisarski and Sgt Dorman.
 12 June. Vickers Wellington no. R1017 (SM-K) Lost in a mid-air collision (Oxford, T1334) during a training flight near  Syerston. Whole crew perished: F/Lt Stefanicki, F/O Kowalcze, F/O Zirkwitz, P/O Wojtowicz, Sgt Krawczyk and  Sgt  Mruk
 19 June. Vickers Wellington no. R1696 (SM-P) After bombing Bremen, a/c was repeatedly attacked by fighters and shot  down near Aschendorfem. Killed was F/O Zerebecki, while Sgt Rogowski died of wounds later in hospital.  F/Lt Jaklewicz,  W/O Lewek, W/O Olonyn and W/O Debkowski safe and POW.
 25 June. Vickers Wellington no. W5723 (SM-F) Damaged by flak over France, the /ac ditched in the channel. Safe and  rescued were:  P/O Idzikowski and Sgt Frankowski. Lost were: S/Ldr Kielich, Sgt Witczak, Sgt Lewoniec and Sgt  Januszkiewicz
 10 July. Vickers Wellington no. R1762 (SM-G) Shot down by a night fighter near Schwefingen-Meppen, while on mission to  bomb Osnabrück. F/O Okonski was the only casualty. F/O Marcola, W/O Mikszo, W/O Sieminski, W/O Minta and W/O  Debiec safe and POW.
 15 July. Vickers Wellington no. W5726 (SM-Q) Shot down by flak while bombing Bremen. Whole crew lost: F/O  Janota­Bzowski, F/O Lisinski, Stg Ostrowski, Sgt Kaczalski, Sgt Mitkowski and Sgt Burak.
 18 July. Vickers Wellington no. N2840 A/c borrowed by the unit from No. 301 sqdn. Shot down by a German intruder, while  returning from operations over Germany. The  a/c crashed near Newark killing the whole crew: F/O Kuzian, F/O Klatt, Sgt  Czerniejewski, Sgt Podziemski, Sgt  Sylwestrowicz and Sgt Tomaszewski.
 6 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. W5593 (SM-P) Shot down by night fighter (Fw Reinhard Kollak 1/NJG1 - 5km NE Marche-en-Famenne SW Liege (Raum 10) at 00:40) on its way to bomb Frankfurt. Killed were:  F/O Sukiennik, F/O Saferna and Sgt  Rybak. S/Ldr Scibior safe and POW. Sgt Tomicki and Sgt Kowalski evaded  capture. See their evasion reports: Tomicki and Kowalski
 16 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. W5463 (SM-E) Shot down by flak near the Dutch coast. Whole crew perished: F/O  Miondlikowski, F/Sgt Majewski, Sgt Przeclawski, Sgt Plachta, Sgt Wardenski and Sgt Stankiewicz.
 2 Sep. Vickers Wellington no. W5563 (SM-Q) Damaged by flak over Oudenaarde, Belgium, ditched 7 miles off the South  Foreland, Kent. The crew searescued: F/O Orzechowski, F/O Jarkowski, Sgt Molata, Sgt Kratowchil, Sgt Reng and Sgt  Czech.
 27 Sep. Vickers Wellington no. W5557(SM-G) While returning from bombing Cologne, the a/c crash in adverse weather  conditions at Hatfield Moor, killing three civilians. Sgt Leyche, Sgt Wasilenko and Sgt Buszko were killed, while seriously  wounded were Sgt Korczyk (later died in hospital), P/O Barzdo and Sgt Z. Pisarek.
 16 Oct. Vickers Wellington no. W5579 (SM-L) Shot down over the sea during mission to bomb Dunkirk. Whole crew  perished: F/O Lucki, F/O Bryk, F/O Kosowski, Sgt Hejnowski, Sgt Hildebrandt and Sgt Lang.
 16 Dec. Vickers Wellington no. Z8427 (SM-W) Mission to Ostend. On its return, crashed at Crowtree Farm in the  Lindholme circuit, due to a faulty altimeter setting. Injured were: F/O Gebik, Sgt Cusowski, Sgt Lemkrych and Sgt Gorny.  Sgt  Gora and Sgt Zwienka were safe.
 23 Dec. Vickers Wellington no. W5374 (SM-J)After bombing Cologne, a/c damaged by flak and force-landed near  Sibbertoft, Lancashire. Whole crew lost: F/O Golacki, F/O A. Nowak, P/O Siwiec, Sgt Kurowski, Sgt Rozpara and Sgt  Baracz.


 26 Jan. Vickers Wellington no. Z8372 (SM-Q) Damaged by flak over Hannover, managed to return ona single engine, only  be set on fire on touch down, by an exploded flare. The crew safe: F/O Jarkowski, F/O Gorzenski, P/O Ginter, Sgt Molata,  Sgt  Rulewski and Sgt Florczak.
 27 Feb. Vickers Wellington no. W5423 (SM-R) Damaged by flak over Germany, a/c forcelanded in Danmark. Killed were:  F/O Orzechowski, P/O Zerosmki, F/O Golczewski, Sgt  Gidaszewski, Sgt Ceglowski and Sgt Gorzenski.
 14 Mar. Vickers Wellington no. Z8438 (SM-B) Overshot Lindholme being damaged by flak. Lost were: F/O Rymkiewicz,  P/O Dranicki, Sgt Sasin, Sgt Bala and F/O Ostaszewski (wounded later died in hospital). Sgt Galas safe.
 15 Mar. Vickers Wellington no. W5567 (SM-M) Shot down by flak. The whole crew safe and taken POW: F/O  Jungrowski,  F/O Pawluk, F/Sgt Wasinski, Sgt Krupa, Sgt Skubiszewski and Sgt Krawiec.        See pictures.
 10 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. W5519 (SM-U) damaged by a nightfighter returing from Essen. A/c ditched, crew  searrescued: F/O Czolowski, F/O Jezycki, Sgt Malejka, Sgt Zajac, Sgt Poniatowski and Sgt Wziatek.
 15 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. Z8586 (SM-W) Force-landed near Lindholem without fuel returning from raiding Dortmund.  Killed  were: Sgt Pasich and Sgt Sznidel. F/O Konopasek, F/O Joszt, Sgt Sedzimir and Sgt Szmidt were safe.
 17 Apr. Vickers Wellington no. W5566 (SM-H) Collided (pilot's error) with a park a/c during landing, returing from  Hamburg. Written off. The crew: F/O Wielochowski, F/O Kunowski, F/O Kiewnarski, Sgt Rogala, Sgt Czwojda (all injured), and Sgt Skopinski safe.
 2 May. Vickers Wellington no. Z8645 (SM-Q) Force-landed near Forest Farm, Walshford during a test flight during which  port  engine  developed severe vibration and starboard one caught fire. The crew: S/Ldr Zaucha, F/O Konopasek, F/Sgt  Wicherek  and Sgt  Beeger were safe. On board were also probably 5 ground ground, all safe. A/c written off.
 3 May. Vickers Wellington no. Z8406 (SM-G) Took off to bomb Hamburg. Probably shot down over sea. Whole crew lost:  F/Lt Barzdo, F/O Jankowski, F/Sgt Zagorski, F/Sgt Gross, Sgt Wieraszka and Sgt Nowotarski.
              Vickers Wellington no. W5590 (SM-A) same mission. Damaged by flak, roughly 146 miles E of Mablethorpe. The  crew searescued: F/O Skarpetowski, F/O Giedrys, F/O Krawcewicz, Sgt Pasik, Sgt Pisarekand Sgt Janik.
 5 May. Vickers Wellington no. Z8599 (SM-R) Took off from Lindholm to bomb Stuttgart. Before reaching the objective the  a/c  crashed in Lesves, Belgium. The crew bailed out, all safe: F/O Krawczyk, F/O Szkuta, F/O Rowicki, Sgt Czekalski, Sgt  Siadecki and Sgt Czarnecki. Except Sgt Czarnecki who broke a leg, all evaded capture. Read evasion reports by: Rowicki  and Siadecki
              Vickers Wellington no. W5573 (SM-O) Same mission. Returning top base, crashlanded 4 miles NNE of  Gainsborough, Lincolnshire. Crew: P/O Ginter (injured), F/O Wieliczko, F/O Siarkowski, Sgt Kita, Sgt Borowiak and Sgt  Czarnecki.
 2 June. Vickers Wellington no. Z8583 (SM-Z) While returning from raiding Essen, the a/c crashed during landing at  Bawdeswell near  Swanton Morley. Whole crew perished: S/Ldr Hirszbandt, F/O Szela, F/O Wieliczko, Sgt Zawistowski,  Sgt Ulicki and Sgt  Sedzimir.
 5 June. Vickers Wellington no. Z8601 (SM-M) Damaged by flak, a/c ditch 10 miles E of Aldeburgh, Suffolk. The crew  searescued by HMS Campbell:. F/O Rylski, Sgt Borowiak, Sgt Przybyla, Sgt Gusowski, Sgt Kita and Sgt Galewicz.
 20 June. Vickers Wellington no. Z8339 (SM-N) Shot down by a night fighter over Schonhabten, Raalte in Holland, during  mission to Emden. Lost were: F/O Jankiewicz, F/Sgt Gusowski, Sgt Swiderski and Sgt Ardelli. F/Lt Madejczyk was safe  and  POW.
 21 June. Vickers Wellington no. Z8537 (SM-Y) Damaged over Emden, forcelanded at Spur Head, Yorkshire. Written off.  Crew safe.
 26 June. Vickers Wellington no. Z8528 (SM-R) While returning from Bremen, the a/c lost power and ditched 14 miles off  Yarmouth.  Except G/Cpt Skarzynski who drowned, the crew was safe and rescued: F/Lt Rudowski, F/Lt Nowak, P/O  Szybka and Sgt  Schmidt.
 20 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. W5526 (SM-J) Took of for a mine-laying operation off Brest, and crashed at sea damaged  by flak. All  crew safe: F/O Borowski, F/O Lintzel, Sgt Barszcz, Sgt Pelc, Sgt Raginis and Sgt Ratajski. Sgt Raginis later  escaped and  returned to England. Read his report: Raginis.
 28 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. Z1245 (SM-D) Shot down by a night fighter over Eidhoven (Holland) during mission to  Kassel.  Lost were: F/Sgt Janik, Sgt Pytlak and Sgt Gawlak. F/Lt Kiewerski was safe and POW. Sgt Frankowski evaded  capture  and returned to England. Evasion report: Frankowski.
            Vickers Wellington no. Z1281 (SM-Z) Took off to bomb Saarbrüdken. Shot down by a night fighter (exploded) over  Wihogne, 5 miles W of Tongenen (Belgium). Killed were:  F/O Klocek, P/O Turski, Sgt
Poniatowski, Sgt Korepta and Sgt  Gorny.
 29 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. N1480 (SM-N)After bombing Saanbrüeken, a/c was repeatedly attacked by fighters which  set  it aflame. On pilot's order three crew members bailed out: P/O Aleksandrowicz and Sgt Cwiklinski safe and POW, while  Sgt  Kula evaded capture. Convinced that the rear gunner Sgt Rueger was wounded (killed in fact) and trapped in a turret,  F/Lt  Czolowski and  Sgt Seredyn continued the flight and after extinguishing the fire landed safely in Manston. Evasion report:  Kula.
 23 Sep. Vickers Wellington no. Z1476 (SM-F) probably shot down by a fighter while mining Brest. Whole crew lost: F/O  Rodzynkiewicz, F/O Ostaszewski, Sgt Pruchniewicz, Sgt Sekowski and Sgt Ostrowski.
 31 Oct. Vickers Wellington no. Z1279 (SM-O) Shot down by a fighter while mining L'Orient. Whole crew perished: F/O  Joszt,  F/O Rogowski, F/O Gorecki, Sgt Ossowski and Sgt Pilarski.
 8 Nov. Vickers Wellington no. Z1288 (SM-L) Lost during minelayiong operation at Vejle Fjord, danmark. Crew ?.
 19 Nov. Vickers Wellington no. Z1496 (SM-S) Shot down by a fighter while mining St. Nazaire. Whole crew perished: F/O  Lubojemski, Sgt Werschner, Sgt Psuja, Sgt Gross and Sgt Szlenk.
 26 Nov. Vickers Wellington no. W5423 (SM-R) Damaged by flak, the a/c force-landed near Apenvade in Denmark. Upon  landing it  exploded killing the hole crew: F/O Orzechowski, F/O Golczewski, F/O Gorzenski, P/O Zeramski, P/O  Gidaszewski and Sgt  Ceglowski.
 7 Dec. Vickers Wellington no. Z1278 (SM-F) While returning  from bombing Menheim, the a/c was damaged by flak and  ditched at sea near Sussex. Sgt Siudak and Sgt Najda were killed. Sgt Lewicki, Sgt Cipirski and  Sgt Moszczynski safe.


 13 Jan. Vickers Wellington no. Z1272 (SM-N) Took off from Hemswell to bomb Brest, and crashed near Barrowby  (Lincolnshire) in adverse weather while attempting to land after completing the mission. Whole crew perished: F/O Krawczyk,  P/O Pluska, Sgt  Laskowski, Sgt Dutkiewicz and Sgt Dorosz.
 29 Jan. Vickers Wellington no. Z1415 (SM-N) Shot down by a fighter while mining entry to the port of L'Orient. Whole crew  lost: F/O Pankiewicz, P/O Kozlowski, Sgt Malinowski, Sgt Sroka and Sgt Glowczynski.
 19 Feb. Vickers Wellington no. Z1288 (SM-L) Took off to bomb Wilhemshaven. Ditched due to both engines failure, some  60 miles E of the Wash. The crew searescued: P/O Hryncewicz, Sgt Ignatowski, Sgt Szcygielski, Sgt Prostak and Sgt  Omilanowski.
 4 Mar. Vickers Wellington no. Z1392 (SM-O) On its way to bomb Hamburg the a/c was shot down by flak near  Oosterineer,  Holland.  Killed were: F/O Lesisz, Sgt Gzell, Sgt Kawalski and Sgt Kozlowski. Sgt Seredyn safe, taken POW. 
 25 May. Vickers Wellington no. HF492 (SM-M) For unknown reasons a/c dived from an altitude of 300 feet near  Seunthonpe  Appleby (non-operational flight). Whole crew lost: F/O Baster, P/O Koczapski, F/Sgt Miksza, Sgt Niznik, Sgt  Bialobrzeski.  Killed was also a ground crew Cpl Bardecha.
 22 June. Vickers Wellington no. HE347 (SM-F) Shot down by a fighter near Grauen Wezel (Antwerp) while on mission to  raid  Knefel. Killed were: Sgt Szpalinski and Sgt Makarski. F/O Paczkowski, W/O Fried safe and POW. P/O Gasecki  safe,  evaded capture. Evasion report: Gasecki.
11 July Vickers Wellington no. HE345 (SM-P). Crash landed during a training flight and burned. F/O Poplawski (pilot), F/O Aduckiewicz, Sgt Namieczkowski, Sgt Cander and F/O Luczkowski, all safe.                See photo.
 24 July. Vickers Wellington no. HF472 (SM-S) On return from bombing Hamburg, crashlanded at Trusthorpe, 2 miles SSE  of Mablethorpe due to fuel shortage. The crew safe: F/O Lewicki, F/S Grzeskowiak, Sgt W.Paluszkiewicz, Sgt  Taraskiewicz and Sgt Rutkowski.
 3 Aug. Vickers Wellington no. HZ467 (SM-C) After bombing Hamburg, a/c was shot down by night fighters over Elskop  (Holstein). Whole crew lost: F/O Runiewicz, Sgt Grzeskowiak, Sgt Rutkowski, Sgt Paluszkiewicz and Sgt Beeger.
 14 Nov. Mitchell B-25 FV941 (SM-D) For unclear reasons, aircraft crashed during a formation flying (training flight) at  Colkirk  near Fakenham (Norfolk). The whole crew perished: W/O Fuchs, F/Sgt Anglik, Sgt Twardowski and Sgt  Andruszkow.


 28 Jan. D.H. Mosquito no. HX908. While returning from an operational flight, a/c crashed during landing. Both crew, F/Lt  Wasikowski and Sgt Illg, seriously wounded. Illg later died in hospital.
 22 Feb. D.H. Mosquito no. LR289 (SM-K) For unknown reasons crashed during landing run and training flight at RAF  Heniard. Lost  were F/Sgt Szarek and F/Lt E.Ostrowski.
 28 Mar. D.H. Mosquito no. WR276 (SM-S) Attempts failed to find damaged by flak a/c which ditched near French coast.  Lost  were: F/Lt Eckhardt and F/O Sochacki.
 27 Apr. D.H. Mosquito no. LR329 (?) Crashed due to wing failure during night excercise flight at Wells Road, North Creake, Norfolk.  Lost  were: F/Lt Thomas W. Irwin and F/O John E. Mathias.
 1 May. D.H. Mosquito no. ?.(SM-T) Operation “Flowers”, bombing of airfields in France & Belgium.  The British crew of  F/O Archer and F/O Evan failed to return.
 25 May. D.H. Mosquito no. NS901 (SM-K) Damaged over the Cologne, the a/c crashed attempting to land at Lasham. Both  airmen were killed: F/Lt Kolacz and Sgt Kruszynski.
D.H. Mosquito no. NT145 (SM-Z) Shot down by flak over France during a "Rhubarb" mission. Lost were: F/O  Latawiec and P/O Wator.
 8 June. D.H. Mosquito no. LR275 (SM-R) Shot down by flak during a patrol over Normandy. Flaming, the a/c crashed near  La  Croix. Lost were: W/O Cesarz and F/O Jaksztas.
 13 June. D.H. Mosquito no. HR143 (SM-Z) Probably shot down during operations over Normandy. The crash site was  never  found. F/O Bilau and F/Lt Kocon lost.
 16 June. D.H. Mosquito no. NS913 (SM-W) Shot down by a fighter during "Ranger" operation near Hadesund in Denmark.  Lost were F/O Turski and S/Ldr Herrick (pilot, RAF).
 11 July. D.H. Mosquito no. LR300 (SM-N) Shot down by flak over France during a "Rhubarb" mission near Kirche  Chateaudon. Lost were: S/Ldr Luksinski and F/Lt Przyluski.
D.H. Mosquito no. NS873 SM-S. Shot down by flak over France. Pilot, F/Lt Suszynski was lost while S/Ldr  Lagowski evaded capture.
 16 Aug. D.H. Mosquito no. LR261 (SM-G) Crashed  soon after take-off some 3 miles S of Lasham. Killed were: F/O  Jasinski  and P/O Trzandel.
 24 Sep. D.H. Mosquito no. LR262 (SM-Q) No info.
 The British crew: F/Sgt Hogg and Sgt Tucknott.
 29 Sep. D.H. Mosquito no. PZ302. Lost in a mid-air collision (Mosquito LR262) during a training night flight over Lasham.  There were no survivors. Lost were F/Lt Widawski and F/Lt Samulski (chaplain, who occasionally flew as a navigator).
 5 Oct. D.H. Mosquito no. NT226. Due to a loss of power, a/c crashed during a night training flying near Herniard. Lost were  F/O Piekarski and W/O Kita.
 6 Nov. D.H. Mosquito no. PZ238 (SM-D) Shot down by flak while attacking enemy's M/T near Harff in Holland. Lost were  F/O Mochnacki and P/O Szwarnowiecki.
 8 Nov. D.H. Mosquito no. MM422 (SM-H) No info.
 The British crew: F/Lt Currie and F/O Smith.
 25 Nov. D.H. Mosquito no. PZ333 (SM-G) According to German sources, the a/c shot down near Wessel (Holland) by flak  while attacking ground targets. Sgt Chwalibog and Sgt Parzych were killed.


 22 Feb. D.H. Mosquito no.?. No info.
 The British crew: P/O Etheridge and F/Sgt Joyce.
 25 Feb. D.H. Mosquito no. PZ374 (SM-H) Shot down by flak while attacking M/T in Germany near Haffen Memr. Lost were:  F/O Kaczan and F/O Lech.
 6 Apr. D.H. Mosquito no. SZ982 (SM-Q) No info.
 The British crew: S/Ldr Hanbury and F/Lt Hart.
 15 Oct. D.H. Mosquito no. NS999 (SM-Q) During a training flight a/c crashed in sea following a fuel pomp malfunction. W/O  Baryga  and Sgt Lifszyc lost

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