No. 306 Squadron Picture Gallery

Ternhill, March 1941. Sitting from left: P/O Langhamer, P/O Petruszka, P/O M. Skalski, partially visible F/O Zielinski, F/O Nowak, F/Lt Skiba, F/O Wiktorczyk (doctor). Standing in the center is Sgt Jeka.

Ternhill, February 1941.From left: P/O Skalski Henryk, P/O Skalski Stanislaw, and P/O Skalski Marian. They were not related, and two of them were posted to the unit mistakenly. The CO wanted Stanislaw, already known BoB pilot veteran.

Ternhill, March 1941. The staged photo of the 306 Sqdn pilots studying a map. This situation would take place in a briefing room or a dispersal. Airmen however were real: Sgt Pudrycki (left), Sgt Kosmowski (hidden), P/O W. Nowak and F/Lt Rolski.

Probably RAF Northolt, May 1941.
Left: Sgt Pudrycki being heleped to be strapped in a cockpit of a Hurricane. Right: Another "pilots over a map" photo. In Mae West are; Sgt Smigielski, Sgt Kosmowski, F/O Nowak and probably Sgt Machowiak.

Left: P/O Grzegorz Sologub later became an ace with 5 enemy aircraft destroyed. Right: Sgt Machowiak in Spitfire Mk II AB993 UZ-S. In August 1941 Sgt. Wieprzkowicz was los in this aircraft.

Two pictures taken probably in Spring of 1942 in the readiness room at Kriston at Lindsay. Left: Sgt Machowiak and Sgt Smigielski (lambskin jacket). Right: Sgt Machowiak (left) and Sgt Wieprzkowicz putting on head gear. Both pictures courtesy of WIlliam Hart.


RAF Churchstanton, January 1942. Staged photo of Antoni Wczelik, CO of the unit, briefing his pilots. S/L Wczelik (left), F/O Flisnik, Sgt Krupa (behind the dog), unknown, Sgt Smigielski; P/O Kaczmarek, F/O Arct (in the background), F/Lt T. Czerwinski.

Left: One the 306 fitters at work. Right: Sgt Martens in a cockpit of a Spitfire MkIX, late 1942.

100thsweep.jpg (212534 bytes)
In October 1942, the 306 flew its 100th "Sweep". This picture commemorates this occasion.
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RAF Northolt, probably late 1942.
Probably another staged photo. Second from right is P/O Jeka, looking into camera is Sgt Bondarczuk, then Sgt Pomietlarz and F/O Kurowski on his right. Courtesy John Kaye.

Northolt, second half of 1942. Sitting in the front row are: F/O Jeka, F/Lt  Gil, P/O Pietrzak and P/O Landsman. In the back row are:  P/O  Pentz, F/O Lanowski and F/O Szpakowicz .

Left: One of the best pilots of the unit Wladyslaw Potocki cheking gun camera film. Center: Two Wladyslaws, Sliwinski and Potocki. Sliwinski was executed by the Polish Communist government after his return to Poland in 1946. Right: F/Sgt Henryk Marchewicz. His short operational flying with the 306 was a result of an injury. His section was attacked by Messerschmitts when in readiness on the detached airstrip named Bolt Head. Grave injury to his nose prevented him from using an oxygen mask. He later flew with ADFs and as an instructor in flying schools.

Left: W/Cdr Janus in his Spitfire BS241 at Northolt in January 1943. Soon after this photo waas atken he was shot over France and became a POW for the rest of the war. Right: F/Lt Jan Kurowski. Courtesy John Kaye

RAF Church Stanton, December 1941.
From right Skalski, Kaczmarek, Pietrzak, Z. Radomski, Marcisz, Machowiak and Jasinski. Partially visible, behind the man in a trench coat is Drecki. First two from left are Kaczynski and Sologub behind him.

Probably RAF Church-Stanton, early 1942. 
First row from left: F/Lt Tadeusz Czerwinski, S/Ldr Antoni Wczelik, P/O Bogdan Arct and Sgt Zygmunt Rozworski. Back row (left): F/O Edmund Krzeminski, F/O Kazimierz Rutkowski, F/O Stach Kedzierski, Sgt Witold Krupa, Sgt Stanislaw Slowikowski and F/O Korneliusz Gorniak.

RAF Northolt, September 1942.
Standing from left: Sgt Zygmunt Rozworski, Sgt Witold Krupa, Sgt Lurzynski, Sgt  Jan Gajewski, P/O Leon Kosmowski, visiting priest from USA, F/O Andrzej Sendorek, F/O Jan Kurowski, F/O Grzegorz Sologub, Chaplin Walenty Nowacki, Sgt Arkadiusz Bondarczuk, F/O Jozef Gil, F/O Jozef Zulikowski. Back row: F/Sgt Jan Smigielski, ?, P/O Jozef Jeka (behind him visible head of Jerzy Polak) and P/O Wladyslaw Potocki.


Left: The only Czech pilot in the 306 F/O Jaroslaw Studeny. Middle: Zdzislaw Radomski. On 27 Sep 1941, during dog fight over France, the German 20mm shell blew off his left arm. He remained conscious and managed to land his aircraft safely. Right: Stanislaw Marcisz.

The 306 pilots sometimes in 1942.
From left: Kordasiewicz, Kopczynski, Marcisz, Kaczmarek, Sologub, Skalski, Pietrzak, Jasinski, Landsman and Machowiak. Unfortunately, the Dalmatian is yet to be identified.

RAF Churchstanton, January 1942. Unidentified armourers reloading 20 mm cannon of one of the unit's Spitfires Mk VB . (Imperial War Museum)

Unidentified polish armourer cranking the 20 mm ammunition belt loading machine. Photo taken probably at the same time as the one above.

In front of the UZ-K, BS403: Czachla (left), Jelinski, Kedzierski, Arct (holding a china duck), Sliwinski, Potocki, Smigielski.

Left: Pomietlarz and Krzehlik. Right: Zulikowski (left), Landsman, Arct, ?, Potocki, Marcisz and Krakowski.

Left: Kordasiewicz's funeral. Brenk (left), G/Cpt Mumler, G/Cpt Adams, Zulikowski, S/Ldr Rutkowski, Pietrzak and Sologub. Right: P/O Pietrzak being congratulated with P/O Zdzislaw Langhamer next. Photo taken after the 500th (Pietrzak) and 501st (Langhamer) victories scored by the PAF pilots achieved on 31 December 1942.

Left: Northolt, September 17, 1942. The 306 receives the Polish Air Force Colors passed along by the memebers of the 305 Bomber Squadron. It was received by the distinguished pilot, P/O Jeka. Right: P/O Jozef Jeka (left, hidden face), Jan Jankowiak, Sgt Wawrzyniec Jasinski and Stanislaw Filary.
Below: The better loook at the latter three man.

RAF FRiston August 1943.
On the photograph are (with flying boots): leaning on the bicycle is Jan Smigielski, looking into the camera is Sergiusz Szpakowicz, in flying gear is Gzregorz Sologub (with his back exposed), next to him is Stanislaw Kedzierski, then Jan Pomietlarz and probably Franciszek Tomczak. Courtesy Lloyd Brunt.

Franciszek Tomczak: by a Spitfire at Northolt in 1942 (left) and a Mustang at Coolham in 1944. Notice a big loss of pilot's hair. It is safe to say that the stress of combat flying must have contributed to it; notice also a visible strain on faces of Krzehlik and Pomietlarz, on the picture in a middle of the page.

Two photos taken at Andrews Field in1945.
Left: On left two unrecognized, then S/Ldr Zulikowski, F/Lt Smigielski and W/O Tomczak. Right: First from left is Andrzej Beyer, third Grzegorz Sologub, fithf Jan Pomietlarz and then Witold Krupa.

Left: F/Lt Siekierski, S/Ldr Zulikowski and F/O Grzybowski. Center: P/O Stefan Tronczynski
mounting Spitfire UZ-K, BS403 at RAF Northolt in March 1943. Right: Sgt Zielinski Ryszard (photo: Andrew Raynor)