Compiled by Wilhelm Ratuszynski.


   Left: No. 307 squadron's badge. Courtesy of K. Tyszka.

 4 Oct. Defiant L7035. Sgt J. Malinowski / LAC Ostrowski.  Port undercarriage failed on landing, no injuries. 
 28 Oct. Defiant N1560. Sgt S. Grondowski.  Crashed during landing.  This was the first serious flying accident for the  squadron.
 30 Oct. Battle R7411. P/O K. Kazimierczuk. / Sgt M. Adamiecki. Coolant loss in flight. Crew baled out at low altitude in  mist  and both men suffered broken legs.
 2 Dec. Defiant L7035. Sgt J. Miszko / Sgt S. Kondras. Overshot runway after landing with oil covering the windscreen.  Kondras  suffered a cut face.
 23 Dec. Defiant N1641. P/O S. Szablowski / Sgt J. Broda. Undershot runway by 150 feet and hit a wall, wings became  detached and aircraft caught fire. The crew injured.
 10 Jan. Defiant N3401. Sgt A. Joda KAS / Sgt W. Gandurski KAS Forcelanded near Barmouth. A/c overturned while  hitting a  body of water; both men drowned.
 17 Feb. Defiant N3314 (EW-B) Sgt K. Bocheński KAS / Sgt. K. Frąckiewicz KAS Crashed near Wren Green during  training  flight.
 10 Apr. Defiant N3390. Sgt M. Frychel KAS / Sgt E. Dziubek KAS (aircraft fitter). About 3 pm on a flight between Colerne  and Charmy Down the pilot took evasive action to avoid collision with another aircraft. The plane spun in killing the crew.
 24 Apr. Defiant N3391. Sgt W. Dukszto / Sgt J. Banys. Crew baled out after experiencing vibration from the engine. Defiant  crashed near Carlton Musgrave.
 4 May. Defiant N1769. P/O E. Przysiecki / Sgt J. Woźny. Ran out of fuel on night patrol in bad weather.  Were given poor  instructions from Ground Control so they both baled out. The aircraft crashed in the middle of home base.
 11 May. Defiants N3439 (EW-E) destroyed, St. Eval airfield strafed by the Luftwaffe.
 27 Sep. Beaufighter IIF R2442. P/O W. Gayzler KAS / P/O W. Pfleger KAS In adverse weather a/c crashed during training  flight.
 23 Oct. Beaufighter II T3025. W/Cdr J. Antonowicz KAS / F/O L. Karwowski KAS While returning from a mission, a/c lost  one engine and crashed at the outskirts of Exeter airfield.
 11 Feb. Beaufighter IIF T3035. Sgt K. Thiesler KAS / Sgt Podgajny KAS Crahsed, while returning from a mission. In thick  fog, a/c hit trees near Honiton (Devon).
 13 Feb. Beaufighter IIF R2446 (EW-B) F/O Z. Kurek KAS / F/O J. Skrouba KAS Crashed near Exeter during night training  flight after rapid lost of fuel.
 14 Feb. Beaufighter IIF R2445 (EW-A) P/O S. Maksymowicz-Raczyński KAS / F/O J.Lazarowicz. Crashed during low  flying  exercise near Exeter airfield when the pilot hit a three. Łazarowicz was seriously wounded.
 3 Apr. Beaufighter IIF R2449 (EW-F) F/O G. Bukowiecki KAS / F/O S. Puzyna KAS Shortly after take-off for a night  patrol,  a/c lost one engine and crashed at the outskirts of Exeter airfield.
 12 Apr. Beaufighter IIF R2457. S/Ldr R. Smok KIA / F/O M. Świerz KIA On a night patrol a/c fell into sea (probably shot  down) near Beer Head (Devon).
 18 July. Beaufighter VIF X8131. F/Sgt W. Illaszewicz KIA / P/O Z. Lissowski KIA Probably shot down by a fighter 15  miles S of Dartmouth.
 1 Aug. Beaufighter VIF X7935. F/Sgt J. Malinowski / Sgt Jarzembowski KAS / Sgt Newman. During test flight a/c crashed  after both engines' malfunction near Winkleigh. Malinowski and Newman were wounded.
 8 Nov. Beaufighter VIF X8149 (EW-U) S/Ldr F. Rypel (Czech) / Sgt W. Gajek KAS. After training flight a/c overshoot  runway at Exeter and hit a tree. S/Ldr Rypl seriously injured.
 15 Mar. DD 634 Hit Spitfire AR501 on landing Exeter
 21 Mar. Mosquito II DZ261 (EW-V) W/Cdr J. Michałowski KAS / F/Lt S. Szkop KAS Night training flight. Crashed on the  Exeter approaches while flying on one engine.
 19 May. Mosquito II DZ288 (EW-Z) F/O A. Dzięgielewski KIA / F/O A. Węgiel KIA Evening Ranger: failed to return.  Probably shot down over the Bay of Biscay.
 21 May. Mosquito II DD729 (EW-U) F/Sgt Wojczyński / Sgt Słuszewicz. Defensive patrol: ditched in the sea south of Caldy  Island - crew rescued by trawler.
 27 May. Mosquito II DZ758 (EW-O) F/O J. Fusiński KIA / F/O S. Tabaczyński KIA Night Intruder: to Vechta  (Germany). Shot down by fighter near Lahn, Soegeln.
 27 Jun. Mosquito II DD644. F/Lt R. Grzanka KAS / F/Sgt W. Oyrzanowski KAS Crashed near Pennard, Swansea during  test flight (engines) after major repair. After S/Ldr Bader, Grzanka was the second Allied pilot to fly with leg prosthesis. 
 2 Aug. Mosquito II HJ700 (EW-E) F/Lt  J. Bieńkowski KIA / F/Lt C. Borzemski POW Instep: due to engine malfunction  ditched in shallow waters near Omoville, La Rouge (France).
 22 Aug. Mosquito II HJ655. F/Sgt T. Eckert KIA / F/O K. Małuszek KIA ASR: failed to return after tail shot off by  FW190 near Land's End over the channel.
 25 Sep. Mosquito VI HJ658. F/Sgt L. Loundes KIA / F/Sgt I. Cotton KIA Instep: hit by return fire from Ju88, failed to  return.
 26 Oct. Mosquito II DD781 (EW-J) W/O S. Łos KIA / Sgt I. Posner KIA. Instep: south west of Scilly Isles, failed to return.
 20 Dec. Mosquito II DD618 (EW-X) F/Lt J. Pfeiffer KAS / P/O K. Kęsicki KAS. For unknown reasons a/c fell into the sea  during test flight.
 13 Jan. Mosquito II DZ243, W/O L. Szempliński KAS / P/O Tillman KAS. Upon return from sortie (cooperation with  Navy) a/c crashed in adverse weather at Greenleys Hill near Benholne.
 12 Apr. Mosquito XII HK132 (EW-O) W/O J. Wisthal KIA / W/O J. Woźny KIA. Probably shot down over sea during  patrol sortie.
 24 Apr. Mosquito XII HK168 ?? Failed to takeoff and crashed at Coleby Grange. A/c written off.
 23 June. Mosquito XII HK176 F/Lt W. Piotrowski / F/O G. Fowler. Engine cut overshot forced landing into ditch at Riccall.  A/c written off. The crew safe.
 27 Jun. Mosquito XII HK119 (EW-D) F/O S. Madej / F/O E. Chodacki. Due to engine failure undershot the airfield on the  Island of Man. Crew unhurt.
 7 Aug. Mosquito XII HK230 (EW-B) S/Ldr R. Zwoliński KIA / W/O H. Gajewski KIA. Intruder: Soesteberg-Dalenz, shot  down by AA near Westerwoort, 4km SE of Arnhem.
 9 Aug. Mosquito XII HX233 (EW-X) F/Lt S. Kohut / W/O S. Kaliszewski. Overshot Church Fenton with engine failure. A/c  written off. The crew safe.
 17 Sep. Mosquito XII HK223 (EW-R) P/O K. Jaworski KIA / F/O Z. Szymilewicz KIA. Failed to return from intruder over  Grave-Deelen (Holland). Probably shot down over the sea by a fighter.
 18 Sep. Mosquito XII HK194 (EW-L) F/Lt R. Madej KAS / F/O J. Gąsecki KAS. Lost in mid-air collision with HK228  near Louth, Lincolnshire during ferry flight to Church Fenton.
              Mosquito XII HK228 F/Lt W. Griffiths / F/Lt G. Lane. As above.
Forcelanded near Sturgate. Crew injured.
 21 Sep. Mosquito XII HK180 Sgt F. Bielawski / F/O G. Flower. Forcelanded at Ulleskel Yorks. A/c bured dwon.The crew  safe.
 6 Oct. Mosquito XII HK179 (EW-D) F/O M. Switalski / Sgt J. Domanski. Swung on takeoff with engine cut-off and hit  Tempests EJ794 and  EJ689 Coltishall. The crew safe.
 13 Oct. Mosquito XII DZ302 (EW-E) F/Sgt F. Kot KIA / W/O V. Kepak (Czech) KIA
 Lost on early morning Anti-Diver patrol against V-1 carrying He111. Probably shot down by a fighter.
 22 Oct. Mosquito XII HK231 F/Lt Z. Kleniewski / F/O A. Radwanski. Overshot single-engine landing at Church Fenton  with undercarriage up. The crew safe. A/c written off.
 7 Nov. Mosquito HK159 (EW-S) F/Lt Z. Kleniewski / F/Sgt S. Ladwanski. Engine fire on takeoff. A/c written off. The crew  safe.
 8 Nov. Mosquito XII HK181 (EW-J) F/O W. Kirkbride / F/Sgt S. Rochminski. Overshot single-engined Chruch  Fenton.  The crew safe.
 2 Dec. Mosquito XIII HK115 (EW-F) S/Ldr S. Kogut KAS / W/O M. Zakrocki KAS For unkown reason a/c crashed and  burned near Chruch Fenton following test flight.
 12 Dec. Mosquito 30 MV542 (EW-Y) W/O S. Wieczorek / W/O H. Ostrowski. Intuder patrol: hit by V1 in mid-air, belly  landed at Hunsdon. Crew safe.
 5 Jan. Mosquito 30 MV545 W/O A. Martin KAS / F/Sgt D. Prior KAS Lost in sea in adverse weather, 10 miles SW of  Valley, Anglesey.
           Mosquito 30 NT259 (EW-W) W/O J. Pawlikowski / W/O W. Drewulus. Undershot night landing at Church  Fenton.  The crew safe.
 24 Apr. Mosquito 30 MV544 (EW-B) F/Sgt K. Leszkiewicz / Sgt Z. Lewandowski. Low level intruder. ? Crew safe.
 2 Aug. Mosquito 30 MV563 (EW-E) F/Sgt L. Pruski Sgt W. Nawalny. Landed without undercarriage.
 14 Jan. Mosquito NF30 NT303 (EW-Y) F/Sgt M. Mrůz KAS / F/Sgt R. Skubik KAS Crashed during a training over  Horsham airfield flight when one of the engines caught fire.

KIA - Killed in action, KAS - Killed at active service, POW - Prisoner of war,

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