Compiled by Les Olszewski and Wilhelm Ratuszynski.


   Left: No. 308 squadron's badge. Courtesy of K. Tyszka.

 2 Dec. Hurricane I V7071. P/O Koczor. KAS Crashed into a barrage balloon near Bagington during non operational flight. 
 11 Jan. Master I N7955. F/Lt Nikonow KAS, P/O Wolski KAS For unknown reasons killed during training flight at Kirby  Corner, near Bagington.
 26 Feb. Hurricane I V7073. Sgt Parafinski. KAS For unknown reasons killed during training flight at Cottesbrooke near  Northhampton.
 9 Apr. Hurricane I V7053. Sgt Widlarz. Belly-landed at Baginton. Pilot safe.
 17 Apr. Hurricane I V6990. Sgt Widlarz. Undershot Bramcote. Pilot safe.
 2 May Huricane I X4171. P/O Kudrewicz. Crash landed at Bramcote. Pilot safe. 
 11 May Spitfire II R6644. F/O Surma. Abandoned over Madrsfield (Worches.) Pilot safe.
 25 May Spitfire II P8140 ? Hit tree while forcelanding at Hawkburst returnig from Sweep.
 2 July. Spitfire II P8525 (ZF-P) F/Lt Kawnik. KIA Circus 29: shot down and lost over the channel.
             Spitfire II P7536 (ZF-W) Sgt Kowala. POW Circus 29: shot down by a fighter.
 5 July. Spitfire II P7314 Sgt Krzyzagorski. Circus 33, damaged by flak, pilot baled out over Channel and rescued.
 8 July. Spitfire II P7845. Sgt Biel. POW Circus: failed to return.
 11 July. Spitfire II ?. Sgt Majchrzyk. Circus: safe following crash landing at Manston.
 12 July. Spitfire II P7888 (ZF-B) F/O Wielgus. KIA Circus: shot down by a fighter near the English coast; body recovered from the  sea the following day.
 17 July. Spitfire II P8698 (ZF-E) F/O Szyszka. KIA Attacked by Bf109's during lone sweep in the evening.
               Spitfire II P8519. P/O Maciejewski. POW As above.
               Spitfire II P7500 (ZF-A) Sgt Hegenbarth. KIA As above. Lost in a sea.
 22 July.Spitfire II P8313 (ZF-P) F/O Bozek. KIA Sweep.Shot down in combat. Lost in the  channel.
              Spitfire II P8590 (ZF-U) P/O Orzechowski. KIA After strafing airfield at St. Omer, for unknown reasons he crashed  into the  channel.
 24 July. Spitfire II P8327. P/O Chciuk. POW Circus. Shot down by a fighter.
               Spitfire II P7835 (ZF-S) P/O Czachowski. KIA As above. (315 squadron pilot flying 308 a/c)
 7 Aug. Spitfire II P8573. P/O Stapel. KIA Evening sweep: shot down over France by a fighter.
             Spitfire II P8094. Sgt Bruzda. KIA As above. His body couldn't be identified and he was buried as "unknown".
 9 Aug. Spitfire II P8676 (ZF-H) F/O Blach. KAS For unknown reasons killed during training flight near Ruislip.
 14 Aug. Spitfire II P8310 (ZF-E) P/O Kremski. KIA Sweep: failed to return pm. Shot down by a fighter over Gravelines, France.
 19 Aug. Spitfire II P8318. Sgt Pietrasiak. Circus: evaded capture after baling out.
               Spitfire II P8326. Sgt Watolski. Circus: baled out over the Channel and rescued.
 29 Aug. Spitfire II P8311 (ZF-G) P/O Bettcher. KIA Circus 88: failed to return, shot down over the channel.
               Spitfire II P7606 ? Missing escorting Blenheims to Hazebrouck.
 4 Sep. Spitfire II P8383. Sgt T. Kowalski. POW Sweep: hit by AA fire and baled out.
 9 Sep. Spitfire II P8676. F/O Blach. KAS Crashed and killed, at Ruislip naer Northolt during training flight.
 17 Sep. Spitfire V W3524. P/O Budzalek. KIA
 Circus 95: failed to return pm, collided with Bf109 from JG26, German pilot bailed out and safe.
 13 Sep. Spitfire V W3940. Sgt Watolski. POW
 Circus: failed to return pm. W3941. forcelanded with shot up engine wheels up. SOC pilot? Northolt
 8 Nov. Spitfire II AB930 (ZF-J) F/O Surma. KIA
 Circus 110, midday: shot down by Bf109 from JG26 and killed off Dunkirk.
 21 Dec. Spitfire V P8183. F/O Krawczynski. KAS
 Port wing fell off, crashed near South Lytham Pier, Lancashire.
 9 Jan. Spitfire II P8206. S/Ldr Wesolowski. KAS
 Killed in a mid-air collision with P7745 during training flight over Woodvale.
 10 Jan. Spitfire V BL482 ? Engine Failed on take-off at Exeter. Wriiten off.
 30 Jan. Spitfire V BL475 ? Collided with B1624 and crashed near Redhill. Written off.
 13 Feb. Spitfire V BL585 F/O Paley. Abandoned during training flight crashed near Top-Lock, Lancashire.
 16 Apr. Spitfire V AB790. Sgt Warchel. Rodeo; crash landed and injured near Tunbridge Well after glycol leak. Aircraft  written off.
 17 May. Spitfire V AB250. Sgt Knott. KAS Killed in a mid-air collision with a/c of OC S/Ldr Szyszka during training flight  over Redton Farm, Lodkington.
                Spitfire V BL534. S/Ldr F. Szyszka. KAS See above.
 6 July. Spitfire V BL624 (ZF-X) P/O Kawczynski. KAS During training flight over Ridhards Bridk Yard, Godstone (Surrey),  collided with a/c piloted by Sgt Herbst.
             Spitfire V BL482 Sgt Herbst. See above. Pilot seriously wounded.
 7 July. Spitfire II P7314 ? Lost in the Channel.
 19 Aug. Spitfire V R7344 ? Missing from escort to Blenheims to Hazebrouck.
 26 Nov. Spitfire V W3510. P/O Mijakowski. KIA
 Rhubarb to Merville area am, hit by flak and crashed into the sea.
 3 Feb. Spitfire V BL977. F/Lt Koc. Circus 258: shot down by FW190's of JG26, evaded capture and returned to Britain the  same month.
            Spitfire V W3657. F/O Zbierzchowski. POW Circus 258: shot down.
            Spitfire V AD549. F/O Wiejski. KIA Circus 258: failed to return. Shot down by a fighter near Courtrai.
            Spitfire V BL412. F/Sgt Okroj. POW Circus 258.
 12 Mar. Spitfire V AD177. P/O Stabrowski. KIA Rhubarb: died after being hit by flak near Dieppe and ditching into the sea.
 14 May. Spitfire V W3774 (ZF-X) F/O Habela. KAS Killed during training flight, collided with a/c piloted by Sgt Osoba.
                Spitfire V P8746 (ZF-N) Sgt Osoba.  KAS As above.
 16 Aug. Spitfire V AB803. F/O Meyer. POW Ramrod: shot down after being engaged by enemy aircraft.
               Spitfire V R7161. F/O Ilinski. KIA Ramrod: killed after being engaged by enemy aircraft near Mavlevrier, France.
               Spitfire V W3404. F/Sgt Sznapka. Ramrod: shot down by enemy aircraft near Bernay.  Evaded capture and returned  to Britain via Spain.
               Spitfire V BM137. F/Sgt Korwel. Ramrod: wounded in both legs and crash landed near Brighton.
 22 Sep. Spitfire V W3440. F/O Jurewicz. KIA Ramrod: killed after combat with FW190s near Evreux.
              Spitfire V EN916. Sgt J. Trnobranski. Ramrod: evaded capture after combat near Ecreux, returned to Britain.
 23 Sep. Spitfire V AA935. P/O A. Czerwinski. Ramrod: to Le Treport, shot down, evaded capture and returned to Britain via  Gibraltar.
               Spitfire V AA912. F/Sgt Lipiec. KIA Ramrod to Le Treport, killed in combat over St. Pierre-en-Val.
 19 Nov. Spitfire IX BS411. F/O Frackiewicz. POW Ramrod: after experiencing engine problems force landed near Lisieux,  France
 29 Nov. Spitfire IX MA854 (ZF-V) P/O Pietrasiak. KIA Ramrod 339: killed after enemy action and collision with wingman  over the  sea.
 13 Dec. Spitfire VC AA968 ? Forcelanded 10m E of Amsterdam (engine failure)
 30 Dec. Spitfire IX BR629 ? Engine cut and forcelanded at Northolt. Pilot safe.
 14 Jan. Spitfire IX MH927 (ZF-C) F/Lt Piotrowski. KIA
 Shot down by a fighter over St. Omer. 

 21 May. Spitfire IX ML116. F/Lt Czarnecki. Massed Rhubarb: am hit by flak and wounded, category B damage.
                Spitfire IX ML254 (ZF-V) F/Lt Jeka. POW Massed Rhubarb: am hit by flak and crashed near Buchy.
                Spitfire IX ML215 (ZF-R) F/Lt Kurowski. KIA Massed Rhubarb: am hit by flak and killed when aircraft exploded  near  Abbeville. (see photo below)

 26 Aug. Spitfire IX PL279 (ZF-Z) F/Lt Wandzilak. Armed recce: evening, shot down while attacking MT, safe after baling out  east of Rouen.
 10 Sep. Spitfire IX EN554. F/Lt Kotlarz. Shipping recce: pm shot down attacking barges in Terneuzen harbor, safe.
 11 Sep. Spitfire IX NH186. F/O Mazurkiewicz. Armed recce: hit by flak off the Dutch coast, evaded capture and returned 6  weeks later assisted by Dutch Resistance.
 18 Oct. Spitfire IX MJ399. F/O Link. Sweep: aircraft badly damaged by flak and written off, pilot safe.
 6 Nov. Spitfire IX NH339 (ZF-A) F/Lt Budzik. Dive bombing sortie: pm shot down by flak when attacking a train near  Zwolle.  Evaded capture returned the next day.
 6 Dec. Spitfire IX ML170 (ZF-V) F/Sgt Wierzejski. KIA Combat sortie: engine trouble, hit high ground and killed near Leer.

 1 Jan. Spitfire IX MJ281 (ZF-P) F/Lt Chojnacki. KIA Shot down by FW190's when returning to St Denis Westrem during  II/JG1 attack on the field. (Bodenplatte)
            Spitfire IX MK346 (ZF-T) F/O Szlenkier. A above. Crashlanded safely near Ghent.
            Spitfire IX MK566 Destroyed on ground
            Spitfire IX MK984 Destroyed on ground

            Spitfire IX MK247 Destroyed on ground

 3 Feb. Spitfire IX MJ342 (ZF-O) F/Lt Stanski. Dive bombing: am safe after being hit by flak near Giessen.  Aircraft SOC.
 11 Feb. Spitfire IX MH451 (ZF-E) F/Sgt S Breyner. KIA Died of wounds six days after crash landing on the return from  action. Aircraft written off.
 15 Mar. Spitfire IX MJ787. P/O Dromlewicz. Dive bombing: pm shot down whilst attacking barges bear Edam.  Safe after  crash landing.
 20 Mar. Spitfire XVI TB734. F/Lt Wardzinski. Dive bombing: pm evaded capture for the second time after crash landing near  Amersfoort due to flak damage.
 24 Mar. Spitfire XVI TB733. W/O Karasinski. Armed recce: am safe after being hit by flak and crash landing at Gilze Rijen.   Aircraft burnt out.
 9 Apr. Spitfire XVI TB749. F/Sgt Tolloczko. Safe after baling out near Antwerp due to flak damage.
 17 Apr. Spitfire XVI TB715. F/O Haeberle. Dive bombing: pm force landed after damage by flak. Returned 2 days later.   Aircraft salvaged but then SOC.


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