No. 308 Squadron Picture Gallery.


Probably September 1940. F/O Janus (left) and Sgt Kremski.

Probably same time and same place. F/O Wolski (left) and F/O Chciuk. Few month later Wolski was killed in flying accident and Chciuk became POW in July 1941. Courtesy of Wojciech Zmyslony.

Bagington, end of 1940. Pilots of the early 308.
Front row P/O F. Szyszka (left); P/O Wandzilak; F/Lt Jasionowski; F/Lt Wiorkiewicz and P/O Piatkowski; middle row: P/O Skibinski; F/O Grudzinski; P/O Koczor; Sgt Kowala and unkown; back row: F/O Wielgus; unkown; Sgt Majchrzyk; unkown and unkown. Photo courtesy of Piotr Sikora.

RAF Baginton, December 31 1940.
Standing from left are: F/O Waclaw Wiorkiewicz, P/O Bruno Kudrewicz, F/O John Young, F/Lt dr Ignacy Kolacinski, F/Lt Kazimierz Kosinski, F/O Zbigniew Moszynski, unknown, F/Lt Mieczyslaw Wiorkiewicz, P/O Bronislaw Skibinski, F/O Stefan Janus, F/Lt Franciszek Witakowski (ferry pilot), F/O Erwin Kawnik, P/O Jerzy Wolski, F/Lt Vivian Snell and P/O Wladyslaw Grudzinski. Seating: S/Ldr Brenus Morris (British unit CO), unknown, Mrs. Elizabeth Norton-Griffith, the squadron's Godmother, unknown, S/Ldr Jerzy Orzechowski. Front row: F/Lt Witalis Nikonow, P/O Feliks Szyszka, P/O Stanislaw Wandzilak, P/O Tadeusz Hojden, P/O Wladyslaw Chciuk, F/O Janusz Zbyszynski (IO) and P/O Wladyslaw Bozek.

Above and below: Jan Zieba (right) and two unknown 308 sqdn aircraftmen posing by one the Spitfires Vb received by the unit in August 1941. Both pictures courtesy of Jason Gwatkin.

A frame from a gun camera showing a BF109 being shot down by P/O Poplawski in 1941.
Photo courtesy of Claudio G. Meunier.

Fall 1941. Sgt Schiele and his fitter posing on the Spitfire VB, ZF-H. Notice the Big Dipper painted on the cowling, on the personal request of the very pilot.

308_1942.jpg (239739 bytes)
Pilots of the 308 second half of 1942. Courtesy of Andy Stabrowski.

B5 Le-Frense Camily, Normandy. Soldiers help to clear the weed from the designated dispersal area. In the backgroud the unit's Spitifire Mk IX LF, ZF-B, MK940. (photo: IWM)

Plumentot (B-10), France. Spitfire Mk IX, ZF-R, MK984, S/Ldr Retinger's personal aircraft.

Plumentot (B-10), France. From left: F/Lt Wandzilak, F/O Schiele, F/Lt Duryasz, F/O Bochniak, F/Lt Czarnecki. Notice the coils of wire netting which were used to cover runways. In the background ZF-A, NH339.

Somewhere in France. From left: Soszynski, x, Lipkowski, x, x, Link (with scarf around his neck), Chojnacki, Malinowski, Wojcik (sitting) and Tadeusz Wisniewski directly behind him. In a baseball hat is fitter Ryszard Kwiatkowski. In tropical suit is Wandzialk, next to his right is Sawoszczyk, unfolding a map is Kotlarz.

F/Lt Stanislaw Wandzilak.

S/Ldr Witold Retinger by his Spitfire Mk IX, ZF-R, MK984. Late summer of 1944. Notice a number of bomb mission immediately after the checker.

The squadron's pilots at Chailey, May 1944.
Front row (left to right): F/O M. Trnobranski; F/Lt Jeka; F/O Marecki; F/Lt Mazurkiewicz; S/Ldr Retinger; W/O Lipinski; F/Sgt Soszynski; P/O Waclaw Chojnacki; F/Sgt Bednarczyk; F/O Mierzejewski; F/Sgt Sawoszczyk and F/Lt Bochniak. Sitting on wing: F/O Schiele; F/Sgt Rybczynski; F/Sgt Korwel and F/Sgt Mitura. On the engine cowling is F/Sgt Chomacki. Standing on wing: F/O D. Mickiewicz; F/O Szczerbinski; F/Lt Kurowski and F/Lt Mach. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Probably Chailey, May 1944. Playing accordion is F/Lt Bochniak.

Usually, the living conditions at those advance landing grounds where somewhat less than ample.

Probably Chailey, May 1944. The squadron's ground crew with Spitfire MH750, ZF-A, flown by Flight "A" commander F/Lt Bochniak.

The 308 ground crew accommodations at Friston. Naming the tent: some bitter sarcasm or just cheerful optimism? Picture courtesy of Jason Gwatkin.

F/Lt Antoni Lipkowski
leaning by his Spitfire's port wing damage. Probably late 1944.

Fall 1944. F/O Waclaw Chojnacki. That year the 308 flew a lot of sorties with its Spitfires bombed up. The photo shows a typical set-up: two 250 lbs on wings and 500 pounder under the fuselage.
Picture courtesy of Kelvin Young.

Ghnet (St Denijs Westrem). No. 308 Squadron during late stages of the war. In the background Polish HQ.
(from left): Wojcik , J. Malinowski, ?, Stanski, ?, W. Karasinski, Soszynski, ?, ?, ?, Majchrzyk, Bochniak, Pniak, Retinger, Lipkowski, I. Olszewski, J. Glowczewski, Marecki, Breyner, Szlenkier, Mierzejewski, Krakowian, Dolicher, Link. Needs info. See bigger picture.

The 308 pilots posing by piece of one of the 13 FW190 they shot down over Ghent on January 1st, 1945. From left: F/O Szlenkier, Sgt Breyner, Sgt Główczewski, Sgt Kaniok, F/Sgt Stanowski and F/Sgt Soszyński. Picture courtesy of Wojciech Zmyslony.

Force-landed Spitfire Mk IX, ZF-T, MK346, on January 1, 1945 flown by F/O Szlenkier (on left). The aircraft was slightly damaged probably by the fire of Fw Hofmann flying a Focke-Wulf 190 A-8 of 3/JG 1, and run out of fuel. Before force-landing Szlenkier himself shot down another FW190 belonging to 8 Staffel of that unit.

Pilots flying uniforms did not change much towad the end of the war. Left: F/Sgt Wladyslaw Mielczarek. Notice late 1942 flying boots and typical flight sheep skin. (photo courtesy of Christine Alexander) Right: F/Lt Krakowian.

Mk XVIs: ZF-U and ZF-E, TD242.
Spring 1945.

F/Lt Bochniak taxiing in his ZF-P, TD317. Ahlhorn, Germany 1946.

Spitfire, MkXVI, TD317 of S/Ldr Pniak, CO No. 308, April 1945.
Courtesy of Robert Grudzien.

April 28, 1945, RAF Fairwood Common.
The late 308 with the base British officers. First row (from left): British station officer, British station officer, F/Lt Bochniak, British station officer, S/Ldr Pniak, British station officer, F/Lt Kobierzycki. Second row: F/O Kozak, F/Sgt Kasprowiak, F/Sgt Kujbida, P/O Mikolajczak, P/O Mermel, P/O Szlenkier, P/O Krakowian. Third row: F/Sgt Witkowski, F/Sgt Strobel, F/Sgt Knap, Sgt Jasinski, W/O W Karasinski, F/O Haeberle and F/O S. Kowalski.

The squadron's Spitfire XVIs In Germany, summer 1945. In the foreground is ZF-O TB995, then ZF-R TB632, ZF-T TB637, and ZF-M TB890.

The last photograph of the unit taken during the fareawell party in Falmouth on January 13, 1947.
Front row: Edward Tybuszewski (left), Wladyslaw Majchrzyk, Stanislaw Bochniak, Karol Pniak, Stefan Witorzenc, Edward Jaworski, Waclaw Korwel and Zygmunt Malinowski. Middle row: Wlodzimierz Link (left), Jan Pidek, Bronislaw Dobrzynski, Ludwik Mikolajczak, Wladyslaw Mielcarek, Jozef Stanowski, Stanislaw Toloczko, Jozef Knap, Boleslaw Jedliczko and Bogdan Strobel. Back row: Jozef Mierzejewski (left), Witold Gajewski, Tomasz Rzyski and Konstanty Jasinski.

After war photo of the Spitfire Mk XVI used by the Belgian Air Force. It still wearing the 308 code letters and the Polish Air Force checker, but it seems to be missing the squadron's badge. Picture courtesy of Kenens Valentin.