(An appendix issue of Britain's war stamps)


Jan 1 Squadron moved to Heston.

Feb 16 S/Ldr Horbaczewski took command of Sqr.315

Mar 26 Squadron was in a process of being reequipped with North American Mustang MkIII. Pilots had to learn dive-bombing techniques. This was done at Llanbedr airfield (Wales) on a local target range. They returned back to Heston on March 27, where the first four Mustangs were delivered the day after. See photos.

Apr 1 With the whole 133 Wing, Sqr.315 moved to Coolham, Sussex and became a part of the 2nd TAF. See photos.

Apr 19 F/O Brygider KAS; he died in the crash while training on Mustang. (a/c: FX895).

Apr 26 Sweep over France and Belgium (two operations in strength of the wing)

Apr 29 Sweep over Le Touquet/Cambrai/Coulomiers. A flak hit S/Ldr Horbaczewski's plane. Pilot slightly wounded landed safely at Coolham.

May 20 Bombing targets at Verborie (France). F/O Calinski (FB179, PK-O) KIA by AAA.

May 22 Bombing mission over Courtrai. Heavy AA fire. Whole Wing returned safely.

May 25 Ranger over Nevers/Bourges/Chateauroux/Tours. Four aircraft section: F/Lt Marciniak, F/Sgt Jankowski, F/O Polak and F/O Kirste. Two Ar-96 shot down, 15 miles NE of Chateauroux. F/Lt Marciniak 1 Ar-96 and three other pilots 1/3 Ar96 each. Read more

Jun 6 D-Day. Great excitement throughout the squadron. At 20:20 p.m. the whole Wing  took off for Ramrod 976. Led by S/Ldr Horbaczewski, the 12 PK a/c were flown by: S/Ldr Wiorkiewicz (guest), F/O Czerwinski, F/Sgt Bedkowski, F/Sgt Jankowski, F/Sgt Kijak, F/O Nowosielski, F/Lt Polak, F/Sgt Siwek and F/O Wunsche. They met the glider train over Kent and with 306 Squadron flew a close escort. 129 Squadron stayed on the top. The gliders landed near Caen, and some inaccurate light flak was recorded.

Jun 7 Ramrod 980. Read more.

Jun 8 Armed recco over Falaise/Alen‡on/Vire. 8 a/c. 7:15 a.m. - 9:10 a.m. Bombed and strafed truck convoy.
Armed reco. 8 a/c. 10:16 a.m. - 0:21 p.m. Armed reco. 4 a/c. 3:19pm - 4:58pm. F/Lt Cwynar's plane damaged by AA. Pilot returned to unit next day.

Jun 10 Ramrod 986 - armed recco over Caen/Domfront/Mortain/Argentan. 8 a/c. Takeoff at 6:40 a.m. 
            Ramrod. 7:34pm - 9:15pm. Two a/c returned damaged by AAA fire. F/Lt Sworniowski (FX960, PK-A) KIA by AAA near Breeville.

Jun 12 Ramrod 996. Argentan/Alencon/Verneuil/Vire. 4 a/c. 11:30 a.m. - 1:01 p.m. Led by S/Ldr Horbaczewski were: F/Sgt Czerwinski, F/O Kirste and F/Sgt Bargielowski. Fight with 7 FW190 over Saligly south of Caen. Bargielowski scored 2 Fw190s destroyed, Kirste and Horbaczewski each downed one, the latter’s a/c FB166, PK-G being damaged. See photo

Jun 13 Armed recco S of Caen. 8 a/c. 7:05pm - 9:37pm. Led by F/Lt Stefankiewicz. In skirmish with a few FW190, Stefankiewicz scored a victory. One of the FW190s had black-and-white strips painted on wings and fuselage.

Jun 14 Ramrod. Falaise/Argentan/Monant/Le Pivlaigle. 4 a/c. 3:25pm - 5:46pm. Led by S/Ldr Marciniak. Bombed and strafed convoy of trucks.

Jun 15 Ramrod. 8 a/c. Bombed targets at Demouville.

Jun 22 Squadron moved to Homesley South (2 TAF), Hampshire, without interrupting operational flying. Squadron strafed German Panzers near Cherbourg. F/Lt Stefankiewicz KIA (a/c FB398, PK-A). W/O Tamowicz emergency landed. Read more

Jun 23 Bombers escort.

Jun 24 Armed recco. Evreux area, together with 8 a/c of Sqr.306. 11:10am - A/c landed separately after ~ 2hrs flight. After bombing railroad station E of Ramboillet, formation clashed with ~ 40 FW190 and Bf-109. For 315 scored: F/Lt Polak 2 Bf-109; F/Lt Schmidt 1 Bf-109; F/O Kirste 2 Bf-109 damaged; F/Sgt Bargielowski 1 Bf-109; W/O Adamiak (FZ157, Pk-Q) KIA near St.Croix Beaux. W/Cdr Skalski 2 Bf109 destroyed.

Jun 25 Sqr.315, together with whole wing, via Holmsley South, moved to Ford (2 TAF), Sussex.

Jul 10 Sqr.315 moved to Brenzett (2 TAF), Kent, and was withdrawn from the 2nd TAF to become a part of the ADGB. See photos

Jul 11 F/Sgt Jankowski shot down first V-1 for "Deblinski" at 1:10pm. Other V-1 shot down: P/O Swistun 2 and F/Lt Zbrozek 1.

Jul 24 Anti-diver patrol - F/Lt Cwynar's account. Read more

Jul 30 With only ten aircraft ready for action, squadron escorted 48 Beaufighters in a raid for Norway. While traversing Lista Peninsula, 315 clashed with a group of 15 Bf-109 and FW190. In result Poles shot down 7 aircraft without any losses. S/Ldr Horbaczewski: 1 and 1/2 Bf109; F/O Nowosielski: 1/2 Bf109; F/Lt Cwynar 1 and 1/2 Bf109; P/O Swistun 1/2 Bf109; W/O Jankowski 1 Bf109 and 1 FW190; W/O Idrian 1 Me-110. Read more

Aug 18 Rodeo 385 - ranger over Le Touquet/Cormeilles/Rommilly. Take off at 7:29am. Led by S/Ldr Horbaczewski were: F/O Nowosielski, F/Sgt Bargielowski, F/Sgt Czerwinski (red section), F/Lt Pietrzak, W/O Slon, P/O Swistun, F/Sgt Siwek (blue), F/Lt Schmidt, F/Sgt Kijak, F/O Kliman, P/O Judek (yellow). Near Beauvais 315 clashed with big gathering of Fw-190s. Squadron claimed 16 planes shot down, what became the biggest number of enemy a/c shot down by single RAF squadron, in single mission, in whole WWII. Read more

Aug 19 S/Ldr Andersz appointed new O.C.

Aug 25 The squadron sent to strafe a German destroyer on a North sea. Read more

Sep 13 W/O Siwek KAS died crashing his Mustang (FX878, PK-F) during landing. Cause of accident unknown.

Sep 20 W/O Jankowski KIA died in burning Mustang (FB367, PK-V) S of Jutphaas (Holland).

Oct 2 Ramrod 405 - ranger over Achmer/Paderborn. Led by F/Lt Pietrzak were: F/O Judek, F/O Kliman, P/O Zaleski, W/O Czerwinski, W/O Seredyn, F/Lt Blok, F/O Bibrowicz, F/O Swistun, F/Sgt Skladzen, W/O Idrian, F/Sgt Cempel. Strafed ground targets. F/O Bibrowicz emergency landed near Eidhoven.

Oct 7 Ramrod 1316. Lancasters (13) escort. Led by W/Cdr Zumbach were: F/O Kirste, W/O Seredyn, F/Lt Wiza, W/O Czerwinski, F/Lt Stembrowicz, F/Lt Blok, F/O Swistun, F/O Nowosielski, F/O Haczkiewicz, F/O Bibrowicz, F/Sgt Richter. One Lancaster downed by AA.

Oct 10 The unit moved to Andrews Field (11 Group), Essex.

Oct 24 "Deblinski" moved to Coltishall (12 Group), Norfolk.

Oct 30 Sqr.315 got withdrawn from 133 Wing and moved to Peterhead, (14 Group) Aberdeenshire, for patrol and escort duties.

Nov 8 W/O Richter (HB882) died in the crush during training flight.

Nov 10 B-24 Liberators (7) escort to Norwegian coast. F/O Swistun and F/Sgt Ciundziewicki. After strafing a boat, Ciundziewicki (FB391, PK-E) KIA by AAA.

Dec 6 Beaufighters (18) escort  to Norwegian coast. F/Lt Schmidt (HB833, PK-U) KIA (engine failure over the sea). Read more

Dec 7 Roadstead to Norway. 11:35am - 4:55pm. Led  by W/Cdr Rutkowski (guest) were F/Lt Wiza, F/O Czerwinski A, W/O Idrian, F/Lt Stembrowicz, F/Sgt Czerwinski, F/Sgt Bargielowski, F/O Haczkiewicz, F/O Nowosielski, P/O Borowczyk, F/Sgt Berka, F/Sgt Cempel. About 10 miles SW of Gossen, 315 clashed with 15 FW190 and Bf109. 4 Bf109 shot down, 1 FW190 and 1 Bf109 probable. F/O Czerwinski A. KIA. Victory scored: F/Lt Wiza 2 Bf109; F/Sgt Bargielowski 1 Bf109; W/O Czerwinski 1 Bf109; W/Cdr Rutkowski 1 FW190 probable; F/Lt Stembrowicz 1 Bf109 probable. Read more (An article submitted by Franek Grabowski)

Dec 23 Roadstead to Norway. On the return way to base, P/O Lubicz-Lisowski (HB885, PK-J) experienced engine trouble. He bailed out close to the Scottish coast and perished.

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