Compiled by Les Olszewski and Wilhelm Ratuszynski.


   Left: No. 316 squadron's badge. Courtesy of K. Tyszka.


KIA killed in actin / KAS killed in active service / POW prisoner of war / SOC aircraft struck off charge (written off)

 17 May. Hurricane II W9231 F/Lt Wilczewski. Crashed near Llanelly during training (engine failure). Pilot safe. SOC.
 20 May. Hurricane II ? Sgt Kiedrzynski. Patrol. Abandon off Ramsay Island when engine on fire. Pilot injured.
 2 June. Miles Magister R1838 P/O Anders KAS Crashed into lines of a barrage balloon over Newton.
 13 June. Hurricane II V6958 F/O Grzech. Abandoned near Kidwelly, after mid-air collison on training flight. Pilot injured.
 28 Aug. Hurricane II Z3856 (SZ-V) F/O Gozdecki KAS Patrol. Mid-air collision with another 316 a/c.
 1 Oct. Hurricane II Z2962 (SZ-T) Sgt Gadus KAS For unknown reason crashed at Codsall during ferry flight.
 8 Nov. Spitfire V AD303 S/Ldr Wilczewski POW Circus 110: shot down and badly wounded in combat.
 13 Feb. Spitfire V W3513 (SZ-P) Sgt Musial KIA Shipping recce. Collided with Spitfire AB825 of 129 Sqnd and crash near  Maidstone.
 20 Feb. Spitfire V W3820 (SZ-F) Sgt Kopa KIA Rhubarb. Damaged by flak, pilot ditched in the Channel but not rescued.
 28 Feb. Spitfire V AD363 (SZ-R) P/O Dobrut-Dobrucki KIA Ramrod. abandoned after being damaged by Bf109 25 miles  SE of  Manston.
              Spitfire V AD330 (SZ-H) F/O Gorski KIA Same mission. Shot down by a Bf109.
 4 Apr. Spitfire V P8606 (SZ-G) F/O Muszel KIA Circus 119. Crash into the sea following combat with Fw190 near Calais.

 12 Apr. Spitfire V AD130 (SZ-E) F/O Buchwald POW Circus 122. Forcelanded near Cassels following combat with JG26.

 29 Apr. Spitfire V AD119 P/O Geca. Escort. Damage by FW190 later SOC. Pilot safe.
 28 Aug. Spitfire V AD313 (SZ-X) P/O Balon KAS For unkown reason, crashed into the Bridlington Bay.
 22 Nov. Spitfire V BL246 (SZ-A) Sgt Orzechowski Lost in a midair collision with Beaufighter EL394 over Barmston,  Yorkshire  during night flying exercise.
 12 Dec. Spitfire V W3599 F/O Kowalski KAS Crashed on landing at South Hall Cranswick in foul weather.
 13 Mar. Spitfire IX EN171 (SZ-B) F/Lt Kozlowski KIA Ramrod. Shot down by Fw190 near Poix, France.
 4 Apr. Spitfire IX BS189 F/O Geca. Ramrod. Shot down 10 miles N of Rouen, evaded capture. Later KIA with 306 Sqdn.
 27 Apr. Spitfire V AR382 (SZ-W) Sgt Gierczycki KAS Mid-air collision over Sheppenton, Middlesex with EP108 in training.
              Spitfire V EP108 (SZ-B) Sgt Plenkiewicz KAS Collision with AR382.
 4 May. Spitfire IX AB525 F/O Legowski POW Ramrod 68. Shot down by Fw190s 15 miles SE of Vlissingen, Belgium.
 17 June. Spitfire IX BR143 (SZ-Q) F/Lt Stegman KIA Circus. Shot down by Bf109 over Bruges.
 26 June. Spitfire IX EN128 (SZ-N) Sgt Grzywacz KIA Ramrod. Probably shot down by a fighter.
 9 Aug. Spitfire IX BS457 (SZ-R) F/O Kondracki KIA Ramrod. Mid-air collision with BS302 near Montreuil.
             Spitfire IX BS302 (SZ-E) F/O Maciejowski POW See above.
 19 Aug. Spitfire IX EN179 (SZ-C) F/O Prochnicki KIA Ramrod. Damaged by enemy fighters over Le Havre, crashed into  Channel.
 22 Aug. Spitfire IX AB508 (SZ-D) F/Sgt Janusz KIA Ramrod. Shot down by FW190 near Rouen.
               Spitfire IX BS456 F/Lt Kuryllowicz. As above. Ditched and after 5 days in dinghy searescued.
 21 Mar. Spitfire IX W3569 (SZ-E) F/Sgt Kowalski KAS Crashed as engine cought fire at Bulgarton, (Cheshire) during  training flight.
 11 June. Mustang III FB229 (SZ-F) F/Sgt Fusiara KIA Ramrod. Crashed during strafing run near Hague.
 19 June. Mustang III FX888 (SZ-J) F/Sgt Milej KIA Roadstead.Crashed off Yarmouth when escorting Beaufighters.
 12 July. Mustang III FB378 (SZ-X) F/Sgt Pietrzak. Diver patrol. Caught in blast of expolding V1, baled out safely.
 13 Aug. Mustang III MB281 (SZ-L) Sgt Szmidt KAS Collided with ordinance vehicle during takeoff for a training flight. SOC.
 1 Sep. Mustang III FB384 (SZ-Z) F/Sgt Narloch KAS Ranger. Crashed into sea after engine failure.
 3 Sep. Mustang III FB381 (SZ-C) F/O Cynkier KIA Roadstead 87. Crashed near Lister Fijord.
 6 Sep. Mustang III FB351 (SZ-B) S/Ldr Arct POW Ramrod 1260. Shot down by light flak in Angerlo, Holland.
            Mustang III FB396 (SZ-F) F/Sgt Kawinski KIA Same mission. S/down by light flak near Oud Reemst, Ede, Holland.
 8 Sep. Mustang III FR345 (SZ-U) F/Lt Przygodzki KAS Crashed in foul weather near Coltishall on aborted mission.
 2 Oct. Mustang III FB374 (SZ-A) Sgt Bardecki KAS Crashed near St. Catfield. Failed to level off froma steep dive during  formation  flying exercise.
 9 Nov. Mustang III FX903 (SZ-C) Sgt Dabrowski KAS Crashed running out of fuel circling over Caltishal, with runway  blocked by a damaged B17.
             Mustang III FX935
F/O Zajdel KAS In adverse weather crash near Brainttee (Essex) during training flight.
 2 Jan. Mustang III KH494 (SZ-I) F/Lt Szymankiewicz KIA Ramrod 1424. Crashlanded at B88 (Holland). Pilot died of  injuries.
 3 Feb. Mustang III FX897 (SZ-E) P/O Sosnowski POW Rodeo 1411. Shot down by flak near Giessen.
 20 Feb. Mustang III FZ145 (SZ-L) P/O Mielnicki KAS Crashed at Tillingham, (Essex). Pilot's error.
 21 Feb. Mustang III FB117 (SZ-Y) P/O Dyrmont-Jussewicz POW Rodeo 416. Crashed during starfing train at Eschede,               being cought in blast of terrific explosion. A/c recovery page.
              Mustang III FB150 (SZ-R) W/O Zych KIA As above.
 1 Mar. Mustang III FB120 (SZ-V) W/O Feruga KIA Ramrod 1478. Crashed in low cloud returning from Mannheim.
             Mustang III FX930 (SZ-R) F/Sgt Kameecki KIA As above.
 5 Mar. Mustang III FX925 (SZ-U) F/Lt Litak KIA Ramrod. Abandonded with engine failure W of Helmond, Germany.
 11 Apr. Mustang III FB164 (SZ-G) F/O Belza KAS Mid-air collision with HB944 during Andrews Field approach.
              Mustang III
HB878 (SZ-K) F/Sgt Bockowski KAS As above.
 4 July. Mustang III MB944 (SZ-W) W/O Tomaszewski KAS For unknown reasons crashed near Coltishall, training flight.
 29 July. Mustang III FR411 (SZ-E) W/O Noga KAS For unknown reasons crashed near Darwen (Lands), training flight.

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