"...History records few instances of armies of the strength of the Polish forces under British command having fought so long and so gallantly as exiles, or of men who took such risks, not to seek safety, but to face the further risks of battle when they reached their goal...
...The Battle of Britain - during which Polish fighters shot down 15 per cent. of German aircraft destroyed - Tobruk, Cassino, the Falaise pocket, Arnhem, these are only few of the names associated with Polish arms. At sea, on land, and in the air the Poles proved themselves good fighters and good comrades. Those who love courage and endurance in the depths of adversity must wish these men well, wherever they may go."

                                                                                                                    London "Times" 21st March 1946.

S/Ldr E. Pawlikowski.

Sep 1944 EboliJan 1945 MeldolaApr 1945 ImolaMay 1945 Porto St. Giorgio. Later in region of Lago di Garba, with flights at Padova, Verona, Milan, Firenze, Iesi and Bologna.

Auster III, IV and V (all unarmed)

Left: The 663 squadron's badge.


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