Following the rest period in Northern Ireland, No. 303 Squadron was relocated to RAF Horne, close to the theatre of war.
Below are the copies of this moving order courtesy of Robert Walsh. I kept spelling and spacing unchanged.

To:           303 Sqdn.Ballyhalbert reptd. RAFNI, 11 Group, Redhill (Kenley pass)
                Biggin Hill, 85 (Base) Group, 142 A.F.H.Q. Scorton.
From:        HQ A.F.G.B.                    SECRET

Q.321 22nd. April (CY.249)

                                Further my O.346 21st.April on move of 303 Sqdn. and Echelon.
Following equipment movement instruction to be complied with:

          (a) Squadron to take aircraft.
          (b) NoM.T. to move, vehicles will be supplied from another source.
          (c) Take all equipment in A.P.3020 vol.1 part 1 col.34 part 2A cols 6A/6C.

Transfer from main stores Ballyhalbert to equipment section No.142 A .F.H.Q. Horne A.L.G. stocks of airframe aero-engines and other spares held for this squadron representing six weeks requirements

C.O. 303 Sqdn.

No.6303 Echelon                                                                                        T.O.O. 22174

No. 303 /Polish/ Squadron.
R.A.F. BALLYHALBERT. 26.4.1944.

S  E  C  R  E  T

No. 303 /Polish/ Squadron, MOVEMENT ORDER No. 8 by Squadron Leader, T. KOC, DFC.
                                            Officer Commanding.

ORDER for movement of No. 303 /Polish/ Squadron from R.A.F. Station BALLYHALBERT to HORNE Advanced Landing Ground on 30th, April, 1944.

----------o   0   o---------

INTENTION         to move No. 303 /Polish/ Squadron complete from R.A.F. Station                                                   BALLYHALBERT to HORNE Advanced Landing Ground.

EXECTION The move wil be carried out as follows:

1.         Air party.             30th April 1944.           Appendix "A"
2.         Road parties        28th, April, 1944.         Appendix "B"
3.         Main rail party     23th, April, 1944.         Appendix "C"


a/.         The Squadron Leader, Commanding will request Group Controller
             permission for aircraft to leave R.A.F. Station BALLYHALBERT
             for HORNE. The Tiger Moth will leave at the same time.

b/.         Flight Commanders and N.C.Os i/c of All Barracks, Dispersal huts,
             offices etc are left in clean and tidy condition
             before leaving for HORNE.

c/.         Baggage and equipment will be conveyed by rail. No futhers
             information available at present.

d/.         Owners of private vehicles will make their own arrangements for removal of              same from R.A.F. Station BALLYHALBERT.

e/.         Transport as required wil be supplied by M.T. Section R.A.F.                                BALLYHALBERT.

Stn. Commander                                                             O.C. No. 6303 Servicing Echelon.
Stn. Ad. Officer.                                                             O.C. 303 Sqdn.
Stn. Adjutant.                                                                  Flight's Commander "A" and "B".
Senr. Acct. Officer.                                                         HQ.A.D.G.B.
Senr. Eqp. Officer.                                                          Polish Liaison Officer HQ.A.D.G.B.
Catering Officer.                                                              Polish Records Office.
Senr. Med. Officer.                                                          B.P.I.G.
Stn. Intelligence Officer.                                                   P.I.G.
Flying Control.                                                                 Air Officer i/c Records. Gloucester.
S.W.O.                                                                            HQ. No. 85 Group.
M.T. Officer.                                                                   O.C. No. 142 Airfield HQ.
Stn. Eng. Officer.                                                             R.A.F. Gatwick.
Officer i/c Armoury.                                                         Sqdn. Adjutant.




No. 303 /Polish/ Squadron.
R.A.F. BALLYHALBERT. 27.4.1944.                     SECRET.

APPENDIX "A" / Air party /

P-0696. S/Ldr. T. KOC                                     P-0718. F/Lt. B. KUDREWICZ
P-91902. F/Lt. S. BRZESKI                              P-0762. F/Lt. Z. ZMIGRODZKI
P-2075. F/O. J. STASIK                                   P-2116. F/O. W. HERBST
P-1895. F/O. L. KRASZEWSKI                       792032. F/Sgt. LEWICKI S.
783220. F/Sgt. ZYGARLICKI L.                      792239. F/Sgt. MARTENS E.
781507. F/Sgt. BARTKOWIAK Z.                   780622. F/Sgt. SZADKOWSKI J.
794557. F/Sgt. LUBIENSKI W.                        794474. F/Sgt. POLILEJKO J.
792281. F/Sgt. SZNAPKA W.                          794841. Sgt. BEZWUKLO Z.
794138. Sgt. MICHALIK M.

780938. F/Sgt. BIENIEK H.           /            Tiger Moth.
793429. Sgt. SUWINSKI S.         /

APPENDIX "B"  /Road party./

P-1114. F/Lt. J. JASINSKI                             P-269. F/O. Z. MARSZALEK
P-1655. F/Lt. E. SZAPOSZNIKOW              P-1119. F/O A. JENIK
P-1949. F/O. B. BIALECKI                           P-2317. P/O. M. MAKSYMOWICZ
782917. F/Sgt. ROKITNICKI A.                   793627. F/Sgt. KEMPKA W.

APPENDIX "C"  /Main road an boat party./

P-1843. F/Lt. W. GALUSZKA                      P-0891. F/O. S. ZDANOWSKI
161137. A/P/O. J.?. NICHOLS /British/         783817. CPL. STANKOWSKI K.
706022. ACL. WEBRZECKI K.             781311. F/Sgt. GRETKIEREWICZ W. /&/

/&/ On the strength of this Unit, but has not been reported according to the HQ.A.D.G.B. Signal GP. 429.



                                for Squadron Leadr, Commanding,
                               No. 303 /Polish/ Squadron.