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P0148 F/O ROWICKI, 305 (Polish) Sqn, (Bomber), R.A.F.

        Left: GIBRALTAR, 30 Sep 42.                                   R.A.F. Service: 3 years. 6 months.
        Arrived: GREENOCK, 5 Oct 42.                                Peacetime profession: Polish Air Force.
                                                                                           Private Address: c/o Polish Air Force H.Q.



6 May
Landed at LESVES











15 May

I took off from LINDHOLM on 5 May 42 about 2245 hrs in a Wellington bomber to bomb factories North of Stuttgart. Near the objective we had to turn back, and about 0230 hrs the pilot gave orders to bale out. I was the last to jump, landing safely in a meadow  near the village LESVES, five miles SW of NAMUR (BERLGIUM). The rest of the crew were:
F/O KRAWCZYK (pilot), (S/P.G.(-)779);
F/O SZKUTA (observer), (S/P.G.(-)786);
Sgt CZEKALSKI (second pilot), (S/P.G.(-)794);
Sgt SIADECKI (W/T), (S/P.G.(-)784);
Sgt CZARNECKI (rear gunner), (P/W in Germany);

I found myself about 20 yds from a large Co-operative shop, with my back slightly strained. About 200 meters away I saw a German observation post. I took off my parachute and flying kit and hit them in a haystack. I climbed on top of this and remained there for 2 nights because I saw German soldiers searching the countryside for me. I did not get down until the evening of 8 May.

I decided to approach the last hut in the village, where I had seen a peasant moving about.  I knocked at the door. The man was at first nervous, asking me if an airman (CZARNECKI) who had broken his leg was from the same aircraft, and informing me that he had been caught by a sentry. The peasant gave me water, and together we retrieved my flying kit from the haystack and cut it up. He then took me to an unfinished house about 40 yds away, where I slept on a straw for eight days, being fed by his son during the day and going to his house at night.

 This peasant had a brother, a clerk in NAMUR, whom he visited on my behalf. The son (18 years) also went to see a priest near NAMUR. On 15 May a priest in civilian clothes visited me in the empty house where I was hiding, and left his bicycle with me. At 1500 hrs that day I left with the peasant to establish contact with an organisation by means of which I was brought back to the U.K.

INTERVIEWED by M.I.9. 7/8 Oct  42 .
                                A.I.(K) 7 Oct  42.                                                                                                
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