M.I.9/S/P.G. (-) 784

This information contained in this report id to be treated as

792851 Sgt. A. SIADECKI, 305 Polish Sqn, R.A.F.

             Left: GIBRALTAR 13 Jul 42.                          P.A.F. service: 2 yrs. (2 1/2 yrs in POLAND)
             Arrived: WHITCHURCH 13 Jul 42.                Peacetime profession: Turner.
                                                                                     Private Address: LINDHOLME, Yorks.




6 May
Baled out




13 May


     We left LINDHOLME at 2212 hrs on 5 May for an attack on STUTTGART. About 20 miles from our objective we were hit by A.A. fire and forced to turn back. After about an hour our engine failed completely and we baled out. The rest of the crew were: F/O KRAWCZYK (S/P.G.(-)779), F/Lt SZKUTA (In France), F/O ROWICKI (unknown), Sgt. CZEKALSKI (in France) and Sgt. CZARNECKI (P/W).

I was second to jump and landed in the fields South of NAMUR, jts West of ARBRE. I hid in the wood South of ARBRE for a day and a night and on the evening of 7 May I went to a house in ARBRE. I was passed on to other people in the village who gave me clothes and found me shelter for two or three days. While I was here I was able to find and destroy my parachute and maewest, and these of SZKUTA and CZEKALSKI. From there I was fetched to NAMUR by car and stayed there at a house, where I found two members of my crew F/Lt. SZKUTA and Sgt. CZEKALSKI. After four days we were sent to a place a few miles from the town, but had to leave it after one day, as a rather untrustworthy visitors was expected. A few days later F/Lt. SZKUTA left for SWITZERLAND and for the next five weeks CZEKALSKI and I lived in the DHUY district. WE were passed from house to house as the food shortage prevented our being kept long in one place. At the end of this time arrangements were made for us to get to GIBRALTAR.     

INTERVIEWED by M.I.9. and A.I.1(k),  14 Jul 42.                       APPENDIX A -  List of helpers
                                                                                                      Distribution: I.S.9.
                                                                                                                         M.I.6 (D).
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M.I.9.(d); M.I.6. (D)
C.I.O.; HQ; Bomber Commnad, R.A.F.                                        APPENDIX B - Secret Intelligence
                    Fighter  Command, R.A.F.                                         Distribution:  M.I.19.(2 copies).
   "          "     Fighter Commnad, R.A.F.                                                 A.I.1. (a). P/W; A.I.1(k); 
   "          "     Coastal Commnad, R.A.F.                                                M.I.14; M.I.3(a)
   "          "     Army Co-operation Commnad, R.A.F.
I.S.R.B. (entry blacked out)                                                         APPENDIX C - Escape Information
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                                                                            MOST SECRET

                                                                                                                APPENDIX C

                      The following information was obtained from BRITISH personnel who have been repatriated.

                     If further circulation of this information is made, it is important that its source should not be divulged.

                      Escaper's name, etc:- 792851 Sgt. A. SIADECKI, 305 Polish Sqn, R.A.F.

                      Date of interview:- 14 Jul 42.

                      The night after I came down, 6 May 42, I went to the house of a priest at ARBRE. He put me in touch with the owner of a castle near by, who arranged for me to be collected by people from NAMUR, connected with an organisation. There I met F/Lt. SZKUTA and Sgt. CZEKALSKI of my crew. After a few days in the district we were taken to DHUY, whence SZKUTA left with the organisation for Switzerland. CZEKALSKI and I had to remain for about five weeks in the district, as the members at BRUSSELS and the organisation had been arrested just after we landed. M. DUBOIS, DHUY, was able then to contact another organisation. We were sent to the railway station at NAMUR, where we were met by a guide who had our tickets ready. He took us to BRUSSELS, and there we stayed for a week, finding shelter at two places, one of which was with the widow of a Belgian Captain, and the other with the caretaker of what was apparently a gas works (?). We then went by train to LOUVAIN, and from there we were taken by a girl called DID to PARIS. There she handed us over to a man who took us to the father of DIDI (2), the original DIDI. He sent us to a small grocer's shop at ASNIERES, where we stayed four days.

While we were here Sgt. MILLS (-)774, Sgt. NAYLOR (-)773 and Sgt. KING (-)775 arrived in PARIS. As there were only four places available for the next trip to Spain the members of the organisation said that the three British sergeants must have priority, though they had arrived after us. It was arranged that I should accompany them, leaving Sgt. CZEKALSKI in Paris. Our party of four was taken by DIDI (2) by train to ST JEAN DE LUZ.

We stayed one day at ST JEAN DE LUZ, and on the following day walked to a farm near the frontier. At about 2200 hrs we left the farm with DIDI and a Basque guide. We spent a night on the PYRENEES and next day had breakfast at a village in Spain, whence we went by taxi to SAN SEBASTIAN. From there I was taken by car to MADRID. Two weeks later I went, with 35 people from MIRANDA, to GIBRALTAR.

NOTE. Sgt. SIADECKI regarded the preferential treatment of the British sergeants in sending them on before the Poles as being unfair, as they are all members of the same service.

                                                                                                     / signature: J.S. unclear .G.S./

16 Jul 42.                                                                                        Lieut.-Colonel, G.S.

Distribution by M.I.9.
D.D.M.I. (P/W)
M.I.6 (D).