Compiled by Les Olszewski and Wilhelm Ratuszynski.


   Left: No. 315 squadron's badge. Courtesy of K. Tyszka.


KIA killed in actin / KAS killed in active service / POW prisoner of war / SOC aircraft struck off charge (written off)

 27 Mar. Hawker Hurricane I V7187 (PK-W) Sgt Paterek KAS Mid-air collision with V7188, during convoy patrol over the  Irish Sea.
                Hawker Hurricane I V7188 (PK-X) F/Lt W. Szulkowski KAS See Paterek.
                Hawker Hurricane I V77656 (PK-V) F/O T. Hojden KIA Prob. shot dwon by a German fighter over the Bristol  Channel.
                Hawker Hurricane I P3936 (PK-T) F/O K. Wolinski. Ditched during training flight. Safe and searescued.

 7 July. Hawker Hurricane I P2827 (PK-K) F/O J. Czerniak. Undershot Speke, SOC. Pilot safe.

 24 July. Spitfire II P7835 (ZF-S) F/O J. Czachowski KIA Circus.Prob. shot dwon by a Bf109. A/c from No. 308 Sqdn.
 9 Aug. Spitfire II P8506 (PK-B) F/O J. Czerniak KIA Sweep. Shot down 5 miles off French coast.
             Spitfire II P8
696 (PK-H) Sgt A. Niewiara KIA Sweep. Shot dwon by a Bf109 near Boulogne.
           Spitfire II P8670 (PK-S) P/O E. Fiedorczuk. Circus 68. Safe after crashlanding, short of fuel at Little Waldingfield.  SOC.

 29 Aug. Spitfire II P7606 (PK-O) F/Lt B. Mickiewicz POW Circus 85. Forced to land the demaged a/c by Bf109s on a beach in Middelkerke, Belgium.

Via Chris Thomas.

 8 Sep. Spitfire V AB820 (PK-M) Sgt T. Krieger. Lost on ground (faulty oxygen system). Pilot safe.

 16 Sep. Spitfire V AB923 (PK-T) F/O T. Wolinski KIA Sweep. Shot dwon by a German fight near Boulogne.
 21 Sep. Spitfire V AB990 (PK-A) S/Ldr S. Pietraszkiewicz POW Circus 101. Shot dwon by a German fighter over northern  France.
              Spitfire V AB92
7 (PK-S) F/O T. Nowak KIA Same mission. Shot dwon by a fighter near Dover. Safe after ditching  but not found.
 8 Nov. Spitfire V W3944 (PK-A) S/Ldr W. Szczesniewski POW Circus 110. A/c lost fuel and frocelanded near Arras.
 23 Nov. Spitfire V W3573 (PK-W) P/O M. Lukaszewicz KIA Ramrod 12. Shot down by flak over the French coast.
               Spitfire V W3698 (PK-Y) Sgt G. Kosmalski KIA Same as above.
               Spitfire V AB934 (PK-E) F/O J. Grzech KIA Same as above.
               Spitfire V AB937 (PK-V) Sgt M. Stalinski KIA Same as above.
 28 Dec. Spitfire V BL323 (PK-W) F/Lt B. Groszewski KIA Ramrod 15. Shot dwon by a fighter near Le Touquet.
 17 Mar. Spitfire V BM140 (PK-H) Sgt T. Krieger KAS Mid-air collision with another a/c during low-level training flight.
 16 July. Spitfire V W3628 (PK-W) Sgt T. Nawrocki KAS Patrol. In low visibilty crashed at hillside near Lancaster.
 15 Aug. Spitfire V BL751 (PK-Z) F/O E. Fiedorczuk KAS Crashed in a steep dive during shooting exercise near Southport.
 23 Aug. Spitfire V BL959 (PK-T) F/O B. Sawiak KIA Pilot wounded by Ju88's gunner and later died. Forcelanded near  Dublin. A/c SOC.

 11 Sep. Spitfire V AA762 (PK-W) P/O T. Zurakowski. Hit an obstucle during low-level flying exercise. Pilot safe. SOC.

Notice a visible damage to the fuselage which ran along almost its entire length. Via Wojtek Matusiak.

 13 Mar. Spitfire IX BS515 (PK-F) F/O B. Semmerling. Ramrod 43. Shot down by a fighter, evaded capture.
 4 Apr. Spitfire IX BS335 (PK-X) Sgt T. Ostrowski KIA Ramrod 51. Shot down by flak near Rouen.
            Spitfire IX EN124 (PK-F) F/Lt S. Lukaszewicz KIA As above.
            Spitfire IX EN185 (PK-J) F/O P. Panek KIA As above.
 4 May. Spitfire IX EN131 (PK-M) F/Lt M. Lipinski KIA Ramrod 68. Shot down by a fighter over Vlissingen, Holland.
 13 May. Spitfire IX BS410 (PK-A) F/O P. Kuryllowicz POW Ramrod 71. Damaged by flak and abandoned.
 15 May. Spitfire IX BS554 (PK-P) Sgt P. Lewandowski  POW Circus 297. Shot down by FW190.
 28 May. Spitfire IX BR624 (PK-P) Sgt J. Rogowski KIA Circus 305. Shot down by Bf109 near Bergues, France.
 8 July. Spitfire IX BL852 (PK-?) F/Sgt F. Malczewski. Flying accident. Pilot injured. SOC.
 22 Aug. Spitfire V AB245 (PK-L) P/O J. Tuczemski KAS Hit obstacle and crashed near Ballymena, Northern Irelnad, during  training flight.
 5 Sep. Spitfire V EP280 (PK-Y) Sgt R. Sadowski. Crashlanded at Ballyhalbert after engine trouble. Pilot injured. SOC.
 9 Sep. Spitfire V W3937 (PK-N) Sgt H. Flegier. Crashlanded during training flight. Pilot safe. SOC.
 11 Sep. Spitfire V AR338 (PK-P) Sgt E. Zygmund. Crashlanded near Glengormley, during training flight. Pilot injured. SOC.
              Spitfire V W3427 (PK-J) F/Sgt S. Grondowski KAS In adverse weather and during training flight crashed at hillside  near Lisburn.
              Spitfire V BL469 (PK-F) Sgt W. Kolek KAS In adverse weather undershot Ballyutorg during training flight.
 5 Oct. Spitfire V BL922 (PK-I) Sgt H. Flegier KAS Lost power and crashed at Ballyhalbert during low-flying excersise.
 9 Oct. Spitfire V BM144 (PK-)) F/Sgt K. Lojek. Crashlanded during training flight. Pilot injured. SOC.
 13 Dec. Spitfire V AA968 (PK-G) F/O R. Wal  POW Ramrod 363. Engine failure. Forcelanded in Holland.
 6 Jan. Spitfire V P8744 (PK-B) F/Sgt K. Lojek KIA Rhubarb. Shot down by machine gun fire over Dieppe.
 31 Jan. Spitfire V AB784 (PK-?) F/Sgt J. Zalenski. Crashlanded in South London during training flight. Pilot injured. SOC.
 3 Feb. Spitfire V R7348 (PK-L) F/Sgt B. Czerwinski. Ramrod 505. Damaged by flak bellylanded at Heston. Pilot injured.   SOC.
 6 Mar. Spitfire V AB790 (PK-H) F/Lt S. Wandzilak. Mechanical failure during test flight. Pilot safe. SOC.
 11 Mar. Spitfire V BM470 (PK-C) F/Lt H. Stefankiewicz. Mechanical failure following Ramrod 647. Pilot safe. SOC.
 19 Apr. Mustang III FX895 (PK-C) P/O R. Brygider KAS Failed to level off in vertical dive and crashed near Coolham  during training flight (Sussex).
 20 May. Mustang III FB179 (PK-C) F/O S. Calinski-Cap KIA Ramrod 898. Failed to level off during bomb dive and  crashed at Verberie, France.
 8 June. Mustang III FB188 (PK-U) F/Lt M. Cwynar. Ramrod 982. Damaged by flak, forcelanded in Normandy. Pilot safe.
 10 June. Mustang III FX960 (PK-A) F/O A. Sworniowski KIA Ramrod 986. Damaged by flak, forcelanded near Ercoville  (Normandy). Safe then killed by German infantry.
 12 June. Mustang III FZ171 (PK-V) F/Lt F. Wiza. Damaged over France, landed safely then SOC.
 22 June. Mustang III FB398 (PK-A) F/Lt H. Stefankiewicz KIA Ramrod 647. Shot down by light flak near Cherbourg,  ditched just off the coast.
                Mustang III FZ147 (PK-J) W/O T. Tamowicz. Shot down by light flak near Cherbourg, forcelanded and rescued by  S/Ldr Horbaczewski.
 24 June. Mustang III FZ157 (PK-Q) W/O J. Adamiak KIA Ranger. Shot down by FW190 near St. Croix Beaux, France.
 18 Aug. Mustang III FB355 (PK-K) S/Ldr E. Horbaczewski KIA Shot by a light flak during low level dog fight near Beauvais  (France).
 13 Sep. Mustang III FX878 (PK-F) Sgt K. Siwek KAS Ramrod 1280. Crahsed during landing at Brenzzett.
 20 Sep. Mustang III FB367 (PK-V) Sgt T. Jankowski KIA Shot down by flak near Jutphaas (Holland).
 2 Oct. Mustang III HB849 (PK-M) F/O H. Bibrowicz. Damaged during Rodeo 405. Pilot safe. SOC.
 8 Nov. Mustang III HB882 (PK-M) F/Sgt A. Richter KAS Crashed during practise dog fight.
 10 Nov. Mustang III FB391 (PK-E) F/Sgt A. Ciundziewicki KIA Escort. Shot down by a flakship near  Norwegian coast.
 6 Dec. Mustang III HB833 (PK-U) F/Lt J. Schmidt KIA Roadsted to Norway. A/c lost fuel and ditch in the North Sea.
 7 Dec. Mustang III HB857 (PK-C) F/O A. Czerwinski KIA Roadsted to Norway. Shot down by defending FW190s.
 23 Dec. Mustang III HB885 (PK-I) P/O T. Lubicz-Lisowski KIA Roadstead to Norway. Abandoned over the North Sea  after engine failure.
 21 Feb. Mustang III FX939 (PK-L) F/Sgt T. Kostuch POW Rodeo 416. Shot down by a FW190. Pilot bailed out from a  burning Mustang in a vicinity of Coesfeld.
              Mustang III FB225 (PK-D) F/Sgt J. Donocik KIA Same mission. Shot down by a fighter near Saabrü
cken, Germany.
 9 July. Mustang III KH524 (PK-?) F/Sgt Z. Myczkowski KAS For unknown cause, a/c crashed during a training flight near  Galleywood (Essex).
 13 July. Mustang III KH481 (PK-A) F/Sgt F. Mochocki KAS Flying accident during a training flight. Pilot injured. SOC.

 23 July. Mustang III FB161 (PK-J) F/O J. Lenartowicz. Overshot Coltishall during a training flight. Pilot safe. SOC.

Via Piotr Wisniewski.

 23 Jan. Mustang III FB113 (PK-?) F/O M. Zaleski.Flying accident during a training flight. Pilot safe. SOC.
 12 Nov. Mustang III FB224 (PK-M) W/O M. Jankiewicz. Flying accident during a training flight. Pilot safe. SOC.


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